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Three day-one Odd Demon Hunter decklists for the Darkmoon Faire

Zai the incredible Darkmoon Faire Demon Hunter

For all the Illidari looking for my take on Odd Demon Hunter, here are some of the lists I plan on starting with day one! We have tons of new options and build paths, from higher curve corrupt builds, or lower curve Acrobatics builds.

It is worth noting; I expect corrupt to work pretty poorly with Genn and Baku as a whole. Corrupt requires you to spend mana to cast cards, and these decks like to spend mana on their hero power consistently. That being said, the only way to know for sure is to test!

Here are the builds I have lined up for day one of the Darkmoon Faire. Do note that I created these decks to test new tools for Demon Hunter, not necessarily to win the most games possible out of the gate.

Odd Demon Hunter in the Darkmoon Faire

My first list for the Darkmoon Faire is one of my all-time favorite decks, Odd Demon Hunter. The list features the new cards Relentless Pursuit, Stilstepper, and Acrobatics. While Odd Demon Hunter fell off quite a bit in the Scholomance Academy, I’m looking forward to trying it again. 

Odd Demon Hunter 1: AAEBAea5AwavBPoOnb0CnvgCo7sDn80DDLYTpu8C/acD4LwD1MgD98gD+cgD8skDgtADxd0Dz90D2d4DAA==

My second list I created to try out the new minion/weapon minion, Felsteel Executioner. The card looks strong enough to find a place in the list at first glance, but how it will interact with the other decks in the meta is something I look forward to finding out. Another card I want to try in this list is Insatiable Felhound, the new 3/6 lifesteal, taunt minion, which is shaping up to be a solid inclusion in more top-heavy builds.

Odd Demon Hunter 2: AAEBAea5AwavBPoOkbwCnvgCw7wD1MgDDNQFthOm7wL9pwOBsQPgvAPXyAP3yAP5yAP+yAPV3gPX3gMA

The final list is the most out-there from all lists I look forward to playing on day-1 of the Darkmoon Faire. A few of the cards I don’t expect the most of but are still worth trying. These include Zai, the Incredible, Line Hopper, and Dreadlord’s Bite. Whether they’ll make it in the Odd Demon Hunter archetype is unclear, but with Demon Hunter’s limited card pool, it might just be good enough. 

Odd Demon Hunter 3: AAEBAea5AwivBPoOkbwCnvgCw7wD49QD0d0D194DC9QFthOm7wL9pwPgvAP3yAP+yAPW0QPD3QPN3QPZ3gMA

Hopefully, we can bring Illidan back into the wild meta! Stay tuned; I have more Demon Hunter content planned! For more on wild Demon Hunter, check out my Scholomance piece The Rise and Fall of Illidan!

For Maym’s full review of the new Demon Hunter cards in the Darkmoon Faire, be sure to take a look at his previous article! Besides that, for more of AceGameGuides, be sure to join the community discord!

Evil draws close!


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