Three Runescape Discords worth exploring for new players

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One of the best aspects of Runescape is the community that surrounds the game. There are so many groups that assist players in all aspects of the game, ranging from Skilling, to PVM, to Clues, to whatever mini-game you can think of. Here are five Runescape Discords worth joining to improve at Runescape.

The Skilling Discord community

After I first made the switch from Oldschool Runescape to Runescape3 learning all the new Skilling methods was a tough thing to learn. There is a near-infinite amount of content to explore in Runescape, so getting some direction of what the best methods are, improves the learning process drastically.  The Skilling Community discord has guides for each of the 28 skills currently in Runescape. Many of these guides have become the official resources for the Rune Wiki as well. Find a link to join below!

The Skilling Discord!

The PVM Encyclopedia

Similar to the Skilling Discord, the PVM community built its own library of content. In the discord, you find advice to getting started, the basics of Invention Perks, and strategy guides for every single boss that Runescape has to offer. In addition to that, the community offers VOD-reviewing to help you improve at certain bosses if you just can’t figure out how to improve or do certain things, which is quickly becoming one of the most valuable resources to learn PVM. 

The PVM Encyclopedia

The Clue Chaser’s Discord

One of my favorite activities in both versions of Runescape is Clue Scrolls. In the Clue Chaser discord you can share your latest rewards and participate in the Clue Chaser’s collection log, ask any clue-scroll-related questions. And get advice on the best ways to solve or obtain clues. In addition, you can join the Clue Scroll competitions for extra rewards!

Join the Cluechaser Discord!

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