Three ways to improve the New player experience in RS3

RS New player Experience

As someone only a couple of months into exploring the world of Gielinor in Runescape3, there are a couple of things that are hard to get past. The article is from the perspective of someone who has played Runescape and Oldschool Runescape for many, many years, so these things may not be the same as a truly “new” player experiences. 

The issue with an end-game economy

Something that surprised me a lot when I first played Rs3 was that there are (many) items that are simply not sold on the Grand Exchange. And I’m not even talking about crazy uncommon items here, but very common quest items for free to play, and members quests are sometimes just not available. Since there are very few players in the “new player” stage, it sometimes makes it difficult or expensive to access certain items compared to Oldschool Runescape. 

On the flip side of that, some items are incredible to collect and sell slowly. The end-game economy also creates a great way to earn some money in the early game by collecting additional items for the quests you plan on doing. Some examples of items I sold for a profit early on in my Runescape3 journey included items from Horvic’s shop, near the fountain in Varrock, Bat Bones (at 25,000 GP each) for the King’s Ransom quest. I even went around picking up cabbages at the farm South of Falador, near the Draynor Lodestone, to get myself some cash since those made you an easy 100k+ an hour with no requirements.

The Achievement Diary system

Honestly, the entire Achievement Diary system is a straight-up disaster. Just as an anecdote, it took over a MONTH to discover the system even existed at all in the game. It’s hidden behind five menus you don’t often access in one of the worst interfaces I have ever experienced. Despite that, many of the rewards are incredibly important for players. The most common way people find it is through the various community wiki pages telling people how to find and unlock the rewards. 

A super simple fix for that is to just add a tab, similar to the quest tab, for Achievement Diaries. A similar system to Oldschool would work wonders and also gives people some additional direction if they want it. 

The game needs a better system to share everything Runescape 3 has to offer

Honestly, I’ve played Runescape3 now for several months, and every day I find new things I wish I knew about earlier. If it wasn’t for exploring the Wiki all day, there is so much fantastic, and worthwhile content that you just wouldn’t know exists. Training methods, Shops, entire continents you just wouldn’t know exist unless you specifically look for them. 

With how great the quest system already is, I wouldn’t oppose a new “One Small Favor” type quest that simply leads you to various NPC’s you otherwise wouldn’t ever have known exist. 

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