Twelve third-party Alt1 plugins worth installing for Runescape in 2023


While most of you are aware of what the Runescape Alt1 plugin is by now, not everyone knows yet there are hundreds of third-party plugins created for Alt1 and Runescape which can immensely improve how you play the game. Below are a few helpful tools you can add to customize and improve your skilling and pvm’ing adventures. 

To install new plugins in Alt1, navigate to the “Alt1 Toolkit” section in the top bar of your Runescape client after you have started both applications. Then, the first option in the “Alt1 Toolkit” is the “Browser” option, which is where we will open and install the third-party applications. The process is simple. Copy the links below in the browser, and Alt1 takes care of the rest. Before you worry, Alt1 plugins are only screen-reader applications, so the risk associated with the better-known plugins is very low. However, when installing unknown applications, it is always wise to take the necessary precautions. 

Runescape Skilling assistance applications for Alt1 

Several skilling assistance tools can significantly improve the experience rates for certain methods. One of the most important applications for Alt1 you can download is the Croesus Alert plugin, which makes learning one of the most profitable bosses in Runescape accessible to everyone. Other beneficial plugins include the Dungeoneering Tracker application “DG Tracker” and the Safecracking Timer plugin for those looking to train the early levels of the Thieving skill. 

Croesus Alert


Dungeoneering Map Tracker


Alt1 Safecracking Timer


Runescape Bossing Timer’s

As most modern Runescape bosses utilize some combination of timed attacks and attack orders; it is no surprise players developed tools to assist the learning process of these bosses. Some of the notable plugins include an improved version of the Alt1 Angel of Death (AoD) plugin, assistance tools for Zamorak (ED4), Vorago, the Barrows Brothers, the Queen Black Dragon, and Telos. 

AoD Improved Plugin


Queen Black Dragon


The Barrows Brothers


Zamorak (ED4)


Vorago Tagger

Telos Helper

Alt1 Utility Plugins

In addition to skilling and combat plugins, there are many more useful plugins available for Alt1. Something I missed most from switching between Oldschool Runescape (and Runelite) and Runescape was the ability to easily use screen markers to aid various aspects of the game. Other helpful tools include daily task checklists and a calculator for Vis Wax from the Rune Goldberg Machine. 

Vis Wax / Rune Goldberg Machine Calculator


Screen Marker Plugin


Runescape Daily Tasks checklist

For more about Runescape’s Alt1 Plugin, be sure to read all about it here.

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