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Everything you need to know about the Twitch Pokemon Community Game Update

The Pokemon Community Game, what you need to know

The Pokemon Community Game continues to gather popularity on the premier broadcasting platform Twitch. Now, in 2023, the game is receiving its next major update. The 1.0 patch introduces several long-awaited features and adds several major aspects to the already popular chat-interaction game. This article will cover everything you need to know about the update. For more about the what, how, where, and everything else of the Pokemon Twitch community Game, be sure to check out our complete guide on the subject. 

The first major update is a long-awaited change for the most enthusiastic of Pokemon Community Game fans. The Pokedex Reset function allows players to start their journey of collecting all the spawnable pokemon again while maintaining their collection of prominent Pokemon and battling teams. Notably, the reset function only resets Spawnable Pokemon and maintains the Legendary and Starter pokemon that players obtain through missions and events. 

In addition, players can now also obtain the Shiny Charm, an item that improves the odds of catching Shiny pokemon in the Twitch Pokemon Community Game through the stream application. The item was previously available through Discord for players who collected all spawnable Pokemon. 

No more Casual Battles in the Twitch Pokemon Community Game

Alongside the announcement of the 1.0 patch in the discord, a section also explained the controversial removal of the Casual Battle function. A common complaint was that the casual battle function removed players from the competitive battle functions, with the common counterpoint being that players needed a place to play through their missions and complete tasks for the events. 

The solution chosen by the developers to this problem is removing the Casual Battle function, which is replaced by a “permanent PVE mode.” Below is a quote from the developers explaining more about the newly released changes.

It will get fully replaced with the new permanent PVE mode, where you can choose between 3 difficulties to set the perfect challenge for yourself. The bot will always use Pokèmon with similar strength as the ones in your team, so it will be the optimal environment for relaxed Pokèmon leveling! The higher the difficulty, the more XP you earn! This new mode will also count toward all other battle-related missions.

On top of that, this update will come with various quality-of-life and security measures and a big overhaul to the spectator mode!

Evolutions are finally here!

Since the first release of the Twitch Pokemon Community Game, the single most requested feature was the addition of Evolutions to the game. Well, great news, it is finally here! Below is a portion of the announcement made in the Discord, as there is no better person to explain the new update than the man who made it. 

Evolutions finally made their way to PCG, and all the baby Pokémon will be able to show their true potential! By clicking on a Pokémon, you can find out the requirements to evolve a Pokèmon, including the newly added evolution stones, level and dex entries (starters are the exception), and – if you fulfill them – evolve them! 

The evolution stones can be acquired through weekly missions, events, or as drops from catches (1:100 chance). The rare Shimmering Stone that is used to evolve starters can be obtained through events.

That also means that the level cap of 25 gets removed, and Pokémon can be leveled up all the way to 100. 

On evolution, you can keep or reroll the Pokemon`s move set for free. 

Since some Pokemon change their typings on evolution this will result in some getting access to moves that they could not normally get via regular PCG move distribution. These Pokemon are marked with an ⚠️ in the top right corner of the battle screen to make you aware that they might be modified!

This update is the result of the work of the last couple of months, and we are very happy to finally present it! We recommend reading about the minor changes as well in the change log, and hope you like this massive update!

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