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Unique deck showcase: Aggressive Reno Paladin in the Darkmoon Faire

The aggressive Reno Paladin build functions through the versatility a highlander build provides. For now, it’s certainly not a meta deck, but it is incredibly fun and has a realistic way of beating any deck Hearthstone can throw at you. The off-meta fun Aggressive Reno Paladin provides might just be what you need to find new enjoyment in Hearthstone. Below are some tips, notes & strategies to help you get started learning this unique Hearthstone deck by RavenSun. 

One of the strengths of the aggressive Reno Paladin deck is how few people are prepared to play against it. Through capitalizing on the opponents’ mistakes, the deck finds quite some success in the Darkmoon Faire. 

Aggressive Reno Paladin by RavenSun


The win conditions of Aggressive Reno Paladin

Most games of Aggressive Reno Paladin are won through a combination of the following tools. The simplest path to victory is through Sunkeeper Tarim or Zephrys, the Great, and a sizable board of minions. Another is through Sir Finley of the Sands, which is one of the unique tools that Aggressive Reno Paladin includes. 

Sir Finley of the Sands grants the deck access to a variety of powerful hero powers, which you get to choose from at various stages of the game. Unless you are at an immediate threat of losing, the Priest or Warrior hero powers are least effective. Another is the Hunter Hero power, which is often the worst choice unless you have a way to set up lethal in the current or following turn. 

Aggressive Reno Paladin’s strategy in the Darkmoon Faire

Against control & combo style decks protecting your board on key turns is vital. The deck has access to many tools to do this, including Never Surrender!, Rebuke, Loatheb, and Oh my Yogg!. Try and plan ahead on when each of these tools is most valuable, and try to make them as disruptive as possible. 

For the more aggressive opponents, simply play for tempo. In most cases, your deck simply has more resources. Take the trades, protect your life. As with any Reno deck, knowing when to play Reno Jackson is important. The best advice here is to calculate the number of damage your opponent could have, and when you can, play around it. Sometimes you don’t have a choice, but it often pays off to stay safe. 

In addition, your highlander cards are versatile lifesavers. Finding the right hero power from Sir Finley of the Sands, or a last-second heal from Zephrys the Great often makes all the difference. 

RavenSun’s Tips & Tricks

  • When discovering a new hero power from Sir Finley of the Sands it’s often best to assess your current situation, rather than what may happen later in the game. The Aggressive Reno Paladin deck has many ways to get more options later in the game, so securing a way to get to that point often matters more than having the best long-term hero power.

However, there are of course exceptions to everything. For example, an upgraded Shaman hero power may win the game against a deck like Kingsbane Rogue, through the repeated Taunt Totems. 

  • Reno Jackson in an aggressive deck can lead to an edge against other aggressive decks. The main reason is the ability to follow an alternate gameplan of outlasting, rather than being forced into racing in every single mirror match.
  • The goal of the deck is to provide consistency through cards like Crystology, Infectious Sporeling, and Magic Carpet. The large board-swings this combo provides is one of the Aggressive Reno Paladin decks’ largest strengths. 
  • Air Raid is one of the strongest board refills the deck can access. Try and hold onto it until you need it to get back on the board stronger right away. 

Understanding the purpose of each of the cards in Aggressive Reno Paladin is the key to success for the deck. While it is by no means a meta-breaker, it is incredibly fun and surprisingly strong at times. Let me know how you do and follow me on Twitter at @RavenSunHS

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