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Update Server Down error – Causes & common fixes (2021)

An increasingly common error in many popular games is an error message that states: “Update server down.” You might encounter the error in many of Riot Games’ titles, like League of Legends and Valorant. Still, other games like Genshin Impact or Activision-Blizzard titles like Hearthstone have similar errors and fixes. 

Below are the two common causes for the errors and how you should attempt to resolve the issues. 

The system clock is out of sync with server time. 

The first common cause is your device’s system clock differing from what the game server expects it to be. The issue often occurs for users who don’t have automatic time-changing enabled on their computer around the daylight savings time changes, which may cause their game to de-sync. 

Error - Update Server Down Fix (League of Legends, Hearthstone, Genshin Impact)
Update Server Down Error fix

The fix here (for Windows) is simple. Use the search feature of your device to find the control panel and locate the “Clock and Region” and “Date and Time” options. Now, switch to the ab “Internet time” or “Internet time settings” tab and change the settings. Mark the little check-box, and make sure your device synchronizes with the “time.windows.com” internet server and press “update” or “update now.”

If your clock was indeed out of sync, then restarting the game client should now ensure everything works as intended. 

The more complicated issue – The internet provider causing trouble

While less common, the other cause for the “Update Server Down” error lies with your internet provider. There have been several reports of internet providers erroneously blocking traffic from game servers when they are facing unexpectedly high traffic (like DDOS-attacks), which for some users causes a day or more of being unable to connect to any major game’s servers. 

Thankfully the error resolves itself after a brief period, meaning no lasting issues exist for the user besides the temporary disturbance. 

Hopefully, one of these fixes helps resolve your issues, and you can return to gaming soon!

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