What you need to know about Al-Kharid Archeology Money Making

Venerator Remains Archeology

Runescape’s latest skill addition, Archeology, created many money-making methods that are very AFK friendly. The method you should know about today requires (at least) level five in the Archeology skill, although higher significantly improves your experience & money per hour. In addition to unlocking the Elite Skill, Invention. Invention requires level 80 in Divination, Smithing, and Crafting to unlock & level Twenty Invention (can be boosted) is required to create the boxes, but not to disassemble the items. 

The Venerator Remains Money Making

Training Archeology at the Venerator Remains, located at the Al-Kharid Archeology Site, earns you money through the components you obtain from disassembling repaired artifacts. By excevating the Venerator Remains, you obtain the Venerator Dagger and Venerator Light Crossbow (Damaged) anywhere between every 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. The speed depends on your Mattock, the upgrades you have unlocked for the Archeology Skill, and your current Archeology level. The overall method can earn you anywhere from 500k to 10+ million an hour, depending on the levels and unlocks mentioned above. 

Each repaired Venerator Dagger or Venerator Light Crossbow disassembles into any of the following components. 

ComponentsPrice per componentTotal ValueSold per X in Box
Classic 20x~6800~136,000100 or 1,000
Historic 5x~28,000~140,000100 or 1,000
Timeworn 1x~40,000~40,0005 or 25
Vintage 1x~85,000~85,0005 or 25

Due to the cost of creating the boxes it is best to create the larger boxes whenever possible. Long-term it significantly improves your earnings

The benefit of training at the Al-Kharid Archeology site

In addition to the profit you make, training at the Venerator remains is the fastest location to obtain damaged artifacts to complete “The Discoverer” and “The Restorer” achievements. These achievements are required to reach the higher Guild ranks in the Archeology Guild, allowing you to improve your research team, discover and obtain more improvements for your Mattock, and significantly reduce the time required to unlock the high-end PVM relics. 

Some helpful relics include Amascut’s Enchanted Gem, which requires level 119 in the Archeology skill and grants the player a significant improvement for the Slayer skill. Or the Experimental Aether Reactor relic restores ten Adrenaline after using an ultimate ability that significantly improves the speed of any PVM you want to do. 

The highest Discoverer and Restorer achievements, so far, require 2,500 excavations and restorations of Archeology artifacts. 

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