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What you need to know about Battlegrounds’ Keywords – Basics

Battlegrounds Basics Keywords

There are numerous minion abilities, or Keywords, to watch out for whenever you are facing certain tribes. Let’s go over each of Battlegrounds’ keywords and which tribes have access to them. 

Divine Shield

Used by: Mechs, Dragon, George the Fallen, Al’Akir, Bristleback Knight (Quilboar), Tough Tusk (Quilboar), and Crackling Cyclone (Elemental)

Effect: The minion ignores the next damage it receives.


Used by: Foe Reaper 4000 (Mech), Cave Hydra (Beast), pseudo-cleave from Wildfire Elemental (Elemental Tribe)

Effect: The minion also damages the minions adjacent to the one it attacked.

Wind Fury 

Used by: Zapp Slywick, Bonkers (Quilboar), Bristleback Knight (Quilboar) Seabreaker Goliath (Pirate), and the hero Al’Akir. 

Effect: The minion attacks twice in a row.

Deathrattles Summons 

Used by: Beasts, Demons, Mechs, The Tide Razor (Pirates)

Effect: When the minion dies, another minion will spawn from it.


Used by: Murlocs, Maexxna (Beasts), Deadly Spore (Neutral)

Effect: Any minion that receives damage from this minion dies.


Used by: Mechs, Quilboar, Elemental, Demon, and the neutral card Defender of Argus, which grants up to two adjacent units a buff & the Taunt keyword. 

Effect: All opposing enemies must attack this minion before any other minions without Taunt. The target is chosen randomly between Taunt units if more than one unit has the Taunt keyword.


Used by: Murlocs, Mechs, Elemental, Pirates, and many Neutral cards. Beast, Quilboar, Dragon, and Demons have a few important battlecries.

Effect: Upon playing the minion with (Battlecry), that effect happens if there is (any) available target.


Used by: Quilboar

Effect: When your minion survives any damage received, activate special ability.


Used by: Micro Mummy(Mech), Acolyte of C’thun(Neutral), and the hero Lich King.

Effect: When the (reborn) minion dies, return it to the board with one health. An important note about Reborn is that the revived unit loses all “Buffs.” However, keywords like Divine Shield do return through the use of Reborn of the Lich King.


Used by: Specific hero abilities, including Elise Starseeker, Captain Hooktusk, Tickatus, Sir Finley, Mr. Bigglesworth, Alexstrasza, and the Great Akazamzarak (among others). In addition, all heroes can ‘Discover’ through obtaining a triple (buying three of the same unit) to ‘discover’ a unit from a higher tier. Primalfin (Murloc)

Effect: The ability to choose a card or effect out of several options.


Used by: Amalgadon. 

Effect: Adapts grants the unit a special bonus out of the following options: Divine Shield, Poison, Taunt, Windfury, Gain +1/+1, Gain +3/0, Gain 0/+3, or Deathrattle: Spawn Two 1/1 Plants)


Effect: After a certain number of units on your side of the board die, perform an action, repeatable throughout a fight, available each battle.

Used by: Most tribes. Including Beasts, Elemental, Murloc, Demon, Mech, and Neutral.

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