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What you need to know about Battlegrounds’ Tribes – Basics

Battlegrounds BAsics: Tribes

While the tutorial in Battlegrounds mentions there are multiple tribes, it fails to explain the specifics. What exactly each tribe does, and what their strengths are. Let’s go over each of the Battlegrounds tribes and what makes them unique.

the Tribes of Battlegrounds

There are currently eight tribes in Battlegrounds. Each tribe has its unique playstyle and effects. Aside from these tribes, there are neutral cards that are available every game. Every lobby excludes three tribes, leaving five available.


Murlocs have a total of twelve minions, with one Non-Murloc minion as the tier six. The Murloc tribe’s claim to fame is Poison. In addition, the tribe also has access to Area of Effect buffs and the Discover keyword. 

Murlocs often have a wide board with large amounts of Health but require multiple Murloc battlecries and cards like Saltscale Honcho and Swolefin to help them in the mid-game. The Murloc Tribes key cards include SI:Sefin, Brann Bronzebeard, and King Bagurgle. 


The Beasts tribe has a total of seventeen different units. Beasts are a diverse race known for having multiple aspects such as Deathrattle Respawns, Poison, Cleave, Reborn, and the ability to quickly size up their board with the right synergy. Beasts benefit from immediate power spikes but cannot scale effectively like other tribes.

One of the Beast tribe’s largest weaknesses is the need for protection for most end-game tools, commonly leaving them vulnerable to counters, but they use Reanimating Rattler to help with those weaknesses.  The Beast tribe’s key cards are Mama Bear and Goldrinn the White Wolf.


Mechs have a total of sixteen minions. Mechs thrive through their multiple Divine Shields, Deathrattle synergy, High Attack, and a late-game Cleave. Throughout Battlegrounds’ history, the Mech tribe remained among the best performing. They have multiple ways to scale into the late game via Omega Buster, Arm of the Empire, Metaltooth Leaper, or Grease Bot.

Sometimes cards like Unstable Ghoul can put a damper on their plans. Mechs generally do not have much health unless they use Omega Buster. The Mech Tribe’s key cards are Deflect-o-Bot, Grease Bot, Mecheral, and Omega Buster.


The Demon Tribe has a total of sixteen minions. Their strengths include Big stats, Taunts, Tokens, and card generation.

Despite their strong presence with their overwhelming stats, they do not have any other special minion effects. They are really weak to builds that utilize poison. The Demon Tribe’s key cards are Wrath Weaver, Insatiable Ur’zul, Famished Felbat, and Soul Juggler.


Battlegrounds’ Dragons Tribe includes fifteen different minions. The tribe succeeds through scaling, combined with Divine Shield. In exchange for the powerful late-game strength, their scaling is slower than most builds. However, they have strong abilities within their tribe, such as divine shield, high health scaling, and anti-divine shield abilities. The Dragon Tribe has two keys to success in the late game, Kalecgos, and Nadina, the Red.


The Pirate Tribe includes fifteen different units, with its main strength coming through Gold Manipulation, Infinite Scaling, and the ability to pray on builds that don’t build up large amounts of health. Unfortunately, the Pirate Tribe’s mid-game is inconsistent at best due to its lack of board-wide buffs and needing to win the coin flip of attacking first. The Pirate Tribe’s key cards include Cap’n Hoggarr, Dread Admiral Eliza, and Peggy Brittlebone.


There are currently a total of sixteen cards included in the Elementals Tribe. The Tribe is known for its powerful scaling tools, having many unique minion effects, and some of the strongest Taunt units in Battlegrounds. However, with the high health and large taunts, their weakness to Poison is undeniable. The Elemental Tribes key cards include Recycling Wraith, Dazzling Lightspawn, Nomi, Kitchen Nightmare, and Lil’ Rag.


The latest addition to Battlegrounds, the Quilboar tribe, includes a total of seventeen minions. With such a large number of Quilboar, many different effects and abilities make the tribe strong. However, the Quilboar tribe is best known for its ability to scale through complete Quilboar Warbands and its strength with the Menagerie strategy. Unfortunately, the tribe lacks a proper way of dealing with Poison due to very few Quilboar using Divine Shield. Quilboar’s key cards include Charlga, Aggem Thorncurse, Captain Flat Tusk, and Groundshaker.


The Menagerie “tribe” refers to builds that use three or more different tribes. Certain cards, like Aggem Thorncurse, Lightfang Enforcer, or Brann Bronzebeard, synergize with having multiple tribes available. The main strength of Menagerie is the ability to cherry-pick the strengths of each different Tribe, allowing you to become much tougher to fight.

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