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What you need to know about Bob’s shop – Basics

Battlegrounds Basics, Shopkeeper Bob's Tavern

Understanding Bob’s shop is vital to the Battlegrounds learning process. Here is what you need to know about the increasing base cost of upgrading your Tavern and how the tavern rank affects your game. 

The basics of Tavern Upgrade Cost

Each tavern upgrade costs a certain price to get to the next tier. That price is the same every game. However, the one exception is Millhouse Manastorm, of which the base cost of each Tavern upgrade costs one more gold. When your turn ends, the cost of upgrading your Tavern is reduced by one gold. The minion Deck Swabbie has this same effect. However, Deck Swabbie reduces the cost of your tavern immediately once you play the minion. 

Tavern Tier:Upgrade Base Cost
OneFive gold
TwoSix gold
ThreeSeven gold
FourEight gold
FiveNine gold

Understanding the cost of upgrading your Tavern for future rounds can impact your decisions regarding which curves you may pursue. In addition, knowing the numbers helps to plan out your upcoming turn and how many minions, rerolls, and upgrades you can fit together.

Number of Minions and How It Affects Your Shop: 

There is a different number of minions in each tribe. The number of available minions from each tribe changes as you reach the higher tiers. Since there is already a guide on it, please refer to that one regarding this aspect of the game. However, with that information known, you should know how this affects your shop.

Tavern TierTotal available minions in Shop
Tier oneThree minions
Tier twoFour minions
Tier threeFour minions
Tier fourFive minions
Tier fiveFive minions
Tier sixSix minions

Why does any of this matter? It means that depending on what tier you are in, it changes your chances of finding a specific unit. 

If you are looking for a tier two minion, you will decrease the chances once you go to T3. And again, when you reach T4, T5, and T6, as more minions become available to take up the slots in Bob’s shop. 

However, in a different situation, you might be looking to triple a minion from T3. In which case, you might have a better shot at finding it if you upgrade to T4 to work with an additional minion slot and more strong minions that help you improve your Warband. 

Whenever any player purchases a minion, it removes a copy of that minion from the pool during your recruitment phase. As well, when other players die, their minions go back into the shop. Please keep all of this in mind when you choose when to upgrade.

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