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What you need to know about Deadman: Reborn (OSRS)

Deadman mode is finally back! Starting August 25th, players can participate in the Deadman Mode Seasonal event. A lot has changed since last year’s Deadman seasonal event, with changes to safe zones, PvP Combat, improved loot chances, and greatly improved experience rates. Let’s look at what is new and what you should know before jumping into the game mode. 

PvP Combat is everywhere in Deadman: Reborn.

That is right. Players can attack other players (nearly) anywhere throughout the world of Gielinor. And, not only that, if another player kills you, you can lose all of your items and even a portion of your skill experience. Here is how that works. In the new Deadman: Reborn event, each player starts with three lives, losing the items they hold on the first and second PvP deaths they may experience. However, when a player dies a PvP death a third time, they lose it all. 

After the third death, players restart with no combat experience, no items, and they lose 10% of their experience in their non-combat skills. That sounds drastic at first, but the loss of experience isn’t as punishing as it once was. All experience in Deadman: Reborn starts with a ten-times multiplier. With combat experience scaling even further, up to 25x after players reach 100+ combat. 

To avoid high-level players picking on lower-leveled players, the worlds have several combat brackets.

  • Level 3-35
  • Level 36-70
  • Level 71-100
  • Level 101-126

What about your items? How do you avoid losing those?

Like the previous Deadman seasonal events, players have access to both their bank and a special safety deposit box to store items. However, to prevent players from running around without items suffering a PvP death, grants your killer a key containing the ten most expensive* items from your bank. *The system has some faults, where it uses data from the regular game’s Grand Exchange to calculate the value. That results in certain items, like Seeds, being valued extremely high, despite having no value on Deadman Mode.

After your third death, you lose every item in both your bank and safety deposit box. 

While all of that sounds incredibly harsh, there are also things you keep. The main progress point you don’t lose is questing progress. You can unlock quests with your lives while you don’t have much to lose and keep that progress for the entire Deadman: Reborn season. 

The safe zones of Deadman: Reborn

Since everyone needs shelter and safety at one point or another, some regions of Gielinor are safe from other players. These locations, as posted in the official Deadman: Reborn blog, include: 

  • Barbarian Assault (inside the minigame only)
  • Catherby (Bank area only)
  • East Ardougne
  • Falador
  • Jatizso (town area only)
  • Lumbridge
  • Neitiznot (town area only)
  • Port Phasmatys
  • Rellekka
  • Seers’ Village (Bank area only)
  • Sophanem
  • Tree Gnome Stronghold
  • Tutorial Island
  • Varrock
  • Void Knights’ Outpost
  • Yanille
  • Kourend Castle

Some of you might think, all of this sounds terrible. Why would anyone want this??

Well, the reason for people’s excitement. In the past years, there hasn’t been any time where OSRS has a higher player base or viewership on platforms like Youtube or Twitch than during Deadman Mode. Even if some players don’t like the risk, it is undeniably entertaining to watch. For the players looking to compete, there is more reward at the end of the season. After a month of Deadman: Reborn, the Deadman Tournament takes place, where players fight in 1-vs-1 fights, with the eventual winner taking home the lion share of a $32,000 prize pool. 

Are you ready to compete? Get prepared for the start of Deadman: Reborn on August 25th, 2 PM CEST / 8 AM EST. 

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