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What you need to know about Forest Warden Omu

What you need to know about Forest Warden Omu

Forest Warden Omu is one of the most dominating heroes in Battlegrounds. However, not many players know how to play her optimally. Forest Warden Omu’s ability, Everbloom, gives you two extra gold every time you upgrade to the next Tavern-Tier.

The extra gold allows you to have a more flexible curve while raising your Tavern-Tier faster than almost all Battlegrounds heroes. By ramping fast and finding the strongest cards in the game, it is no question why many consider Forst Warden Omu amongst the best Battlegrounds heroes of all time. Let’s break down what we need to know about Forst Warden Omu and how to succeed with Everbloom.

The Basics of Forest Warden Omu

As previously stated, Everbloom gives you two extra gold whenever you upgrade to the next Tavern-Tier. While the other heroes lose tempo by spending their gold on upgrading, Omu is an exception and can, in most cases, purchase at least one extra minion while upgrading. The extra tempo that grants you allows you to upgrade more safely and faster than anyone else. 

By ramping fast, you can access cards from the higher tiers before anyone else. Forest Warden Omu’s primary strengths come in two ways: First, stabilizing your board with minions from Tier Four while everyone else is still trying to create a proper Warband. The second is finding one or more triples and leveling to the Tavern-Tier five or Six to get a composition dictator unit to work towards an end-game Warband ahead of anyone else. The difficult part is getting to that position, so let’s discuss that next.

What you need to know about Forest Warden Omu’s game plan

Finding pairs and triples is the name of the game when it comes to Forest Warden Omu. While most heroes lose tempo if they find a triple (too) early, Forest Warden Omu doesn’t have that problem. Within the first seven turns of a game, it is your goal to find as many triples as possible. Of course, that much is obvious to most heroes. Because you can upgrade so freely, not only will you find a Tavern-Tier five-or-six unit before everyone else, but you will be able to purchase a minion with the extra gold from your hero power. I’ll explain this in the upcoming curve layouts.

Now let us just say you weren’t able to find any triples. You still can ramp faster than anyone else. You will be at Tavern-Tier four by turn four, five, or six.  Normally that is way before everyone else, which means you can find powerful cards such as Bonkers, Qiraji Harbinger, Savannah Highmane, Ring Matron, Deflect-o-Bot, and Mechano-Egg. In contrast, the other players are stuck in the lower tier. Once you feel strong enough, you can upgrade and look for triples to discover a powerful Tavern-Tier six unit or to pick up a win condition from Tavern-Tier Five instead. 

How the Darkmoon Prizes affect Forest Warden Omu

Darkmoon Prizes such as On the House, Gacha Gift, and any prizes from the Tier-Three (Round 12) & Tier-Four (Round 16) benefit Forest Warden Omu significantly. The best treasure in the early game is On The House. Since Forest Warden Omu is likely the highest Tavern-Tier in the game by turn four or five. On The House gives Forest Warden Omu one of the strongest swing-turns in the game. Whenever the Darkmoon Prizes are available for your lobby, be sure to keep these benefits in mind if you have to choose between Forest Warden Omu and other powerful Battlegrounds heroes. 

The three main curves for Forest Warden Omu

For Forest Warden Omu, the unit Deck Swabbie functions the same as any other token. You can play it on the first turn and have no issues following the Token Curve.

Token Start

The token start is ideal for Omu and is what you want to follow whenever you have a token generator ready. You will have the level advantage and still keep up with the number of minions your opponents will have. 

Turn One (3 Gold) – Buy Murloc Tidehunter, Alleycat, Sellemental, or Deck Swabbie.
Turn Two (4 Gold) – Upgrade to Tavern-Tier two. Sell a token and buy another minion, ideally a pair. If you purchased Deck Swabbie, then you do not need to sell it.
Turn Three (5 Gold) – Sell one minion & buy two minions. If the shop is bad, upgrade to Tavern-Tier three, sell a minion, and buy another minion.
Turn Four (6 Gold) – If you didn’t upgrade to Tavern-Tier Three the last turn, do so now. Afterward, buy the best available minion.
Turn Five (7 Gold) – Buy two minions, reroll if necessary. If the entire shop is bad, upgrade early to Tavern-Tier four, sell one minion and buy a pair or any minion that improves your Warband.
Turn Six (8 Gold) – If you didn’t upgrade to Tavern-Tier four the last turn, do so now and buy a minion. Reroll if necessary. If you are already at Tavern-Tier four, improve your Warband & continue looking for Pairs & Triples.
Turn Seven (9 Gold) – If you have a triple ready, then upgrade once more to Tavern-Tier five, and buy that triple. If not, then do your best to buy several strong minions or pairs to improve your Warband. 

Non-Token Start

The non-token start is primarily a backup strategy that is still quite strong since you will be using the first three turns to find a potential triple. While not ramping as fast nor having as strong minions as the previous curve, you rectify that by playing catch up and having a better chance at finding triples. 

Turn One (3 Gold) – Buy the best Tavern-Tier one minion available.
Turn Two (4 Gold) – If Bob offers you Murloc Tidehunter, Alleycat, Sellemental, or Deck Swabbie, then sell that Tavern-Tier one minion and purchase one of these instead. Then go back to the Token Start curve. If not, reroll for a pair or another strong minion.
Turn Three (5 Gold) – Upgrade to Tavern-Tier Two, buy another minion, reroll if necessary. If you found a triple, freeze it for the future.
Turn Four (6 Gold) – Buy two minions. If Bob offers a terrible shop, then upgrade to Tavern-Tier three, sell one, and buy one good minion if you found a triple, (continue to) freeze.
Turn Five (7 Gold) – Upgrade to Tavern-Tier Three and buy one minion. And if you found a triple, (continue to) freeze.
Turn Six (8 Gold) – Upgrade to Tavern-Tier Four and buy one minion. And If you found a triple, (continue to) freeze.
Turn Seven (9 Gold) – If you haven’t found a triple, then hang around Tavern-Tier four to find pairs, triples, or strong Tavern-Tier four minions. If you have been freezing for a triple this whole time, upgrade to Tavern-Tier Five and discover a Tavern-Tier six unit to start building your end-game Warband. If you are at a low health total, then get a Tavern-Tier Five unit instead.

Fast upgrading to Tavern-Tier Four Start

The fast-upgrading curve is only for when Bob hates you and offers nothing but bad cards. You take a large amount of damage from doing this, but you can easily come back with the powerful higher-tier minions you will find.

Turn One (3 Gold) – Buy the best Tavern-Tier one minion available.
Turn Two (4 Gold) – Upgrade to Tavern-Tier two. Sell the minion for a better Tavern-Tier one minion.
Turn Three (5 Gold) – Upgrade to Tavern-Tier Three and sell your minion for a better minion.
Turn Four (6 Gold) – If you have two minions, then upgrade to Tavern-Tier Four and sell both minions for one more minion that’s better. If you didn’t purchase a token or other cost-reduction by now, simply buy two more minions.
Turn Five (7 Gold) – If you haven’t already upgraded to Tavern-Tier four, do so now and buy one good minion. Reroll if necessary. If not, look for pairs, triples, or other strong Tavern-Tier four minions, as discussed earlier.
Turn Six (8 Gold) – Start looking for powerful Tavern-Tour four minions that carry you while you look for a triple or one that you can turn into a win condition such as Mechs, a Taunt composition, or a Warband to synergize with Groundshaker. 

How the Tribes affect Forest Warden Omu

When it comes to when you pick Forest Warden Omu, honestly, she is great with many of the tribes in the game. Murlocs, Elementals, Beast, and Pirates allow Omu to be strong with the tokens and Deck Swabbie. Quilboar and Mech give her a good backup plan if you reach Tavern-Tier Four without a triple. And the Dragons tribe has one of the best win conditions in the game to discover from Tavern-Tier five through Kalecgos. 

The only tribe that Forest Warden Omu doesn’t specifically benefit from is the Demon Tribe. Demon Warbands want to buy specific cards like Wrath Weaver & Demons, which don’t need to level nearly as fast as Forest Warden Omu wants to do. That doesn’t mean you never pursue a Demon Warband, but it does mean you don’t utilize Everbloom nearly as much as you might with other Tribes. 

Closing Thoughts

That should give you a good idea of the best way to utilize Everbloom & help you take your Forest Warden Omu game to the next level. Take advantage of the extra gold and extra ramping ability Omu access. Even if you cannot find triples, you still have the strength of having first access to strong cards in the game. Avoid ramping too fast and leaving yourself open to taking too much damage too quickly. Do not go to Tavern-Tier Five if you don’t have a plan on what you’re doing there. Remember, the pool gets more limited as the rounds go on, making it tougher to find the units you want to add to your Warband.  

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