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What you need to know about Fungalmancer Flurgl in Battlegrounds

Fungalmancer Flurgl Battlegrounds Guide Hearthstone

It’s almost unbelievable, but Fungalmancer Flurgl is my best hero in this meta, with an average of about 3.5 in 20 games.  The former worst hero of the game is now amongst one of the best. Fungalmancer Flurgl’s hero power allows you to sell any minion to create a Murloc in Bob’s shop. However, that wasn’t the only thing that gave Fungalmancer Flurgl a big buff, as the Minion update introduced units like Saltscale Honcho and Swolefine. In addition, the removal of Murloc Tidecaller was a large benefit to the Murloc hero. However, many people are still not sure how to play Flurgl Fungalmaster, which is why I got this guide here for all of you today.

The Basics of Fungalmancer Flurgl 

Saltscale Honcho is one of the key cards you need to succeed with Fungalmancer Flurgl. Saltscale Honcho gives your Murlocs additional health anytime you play a Murloc, even if it doesn’t have a battlecry. Once you have ten gold by just playing Murlocs, you can buff your board by up to sixteen additional health, without a cost to your income. 

The buffs to your minion’s health from Saltscale Honcho synergize well with the buffs and battlecries of other minions like Coldlight Seer, Felfin Navigator, and King Bagurgle. Remember, Murlocs revolve around their battlecries and poison. The strength of Poison is largely affected by the Health of your units, as they need to take multiple attacks to get the most out of your Poison effects. Once you have SI: Sefin, you no longer need to worry about your attack and just have to make sure your Murlocs get enough health to deal against special abilities like Divine Shield and Cleave. 

While I normally choose Fungalmancer Flurgl in almost any situation, there is one tribe besides Murlocs that aid him and one that makes me second guess my decision. Elementals are a great pair with Murlocs as cards like Sellemental, and Tavern Tempest create flexible purchases since they create two minions to sell. In addition, Elemental builds get destroyed by Murlocs since their large amounts of health mean nothing to your Murloc’s Poison. 

However, the Mech Tribe can cause issues as they have Divine Shields and Deathrattles that can disrupt your game plan. The midgame of the Mech Tribe is also very potent, which allows them to hold you down while you are trying to grow your Warband. 

Flurgl’s Game Plan

Remember, Murlocs have two builds—one revolving around Brann Bronzebeard and another you pursue when you don’t find Brann Bronzebeard on time. The first one is simple. Triple for a tier Five and pray that it’s Brann Bronzebeard. If you get him, then start recycling Murlocs to get as many battlecries as possible. Focus on ones that give AoE buffs like Coldlight Seer, King Bagurgle, Primalfin, and Felfin Navigator. Swolefin is also really powerful and can be huge without buffs. The other build is a backup plan and revolves more around SI: Sefin. If you can get poison on all of your minions, but don’t have Brann, then your alternative is to get a Golden Selfless Hero and round it out with Baron Rivendare. You will still be able to defeat builds with high stats like Demons, Elementals, and other Murloc builds, but you lack the capabilities to handle builds with Divine Shield or Deathrattle’s.

The Curves for Fungalmancer Flurgl

There are two curves for Flurgl; one involves getting Saltscale Honcho and the other praying for a Brann Bronzebeard high roll.

Standard Curve:
The Standard Curve is the safer route and chosen as it has the highest chance to keep your health up and find Saltscale Honcho. The Standard Curve works especially well if you do not start the game with a token generator in turns one or see one at turn two.

Turn 1 (3g) – Buy best Tavern-Tier One Minion.
Turn 2 (4g) – Upgrade to T2.
Turn 3 (5g) – Sell a minion and buy the two best minions focusing on Murlocs.
Turn 4 (6g) – Buy the two best minions.
Turn 5 (7g) – Upgrade to T3. Buy the best minion.

Once you get to Tavern-Tier Three, your options depend on what offers you in addition to the strength of your current position. It is difficult to write out the perfect guide because it depends on what minions you choose. But the general rule of thumb is: Do not triple any of your Murlocs until you’re at Tavern-Tier Four. If you have not tripled yet, stay at Tavern-Tier Three until you can triple your Murlocs. If you find a triple at Tavern-Tier Three before you even spend any gold, then just quickly upgrade to Tavern-Tier Four. It’s simple. Maximize your chances of finding Brann Bronzebeard at (almost) every opportunity.

While there are always exceptions, we are trying to take advantage of our gold, our minions, and the value we can get from them. Try to make your best judgment.

High Roll Hope for Brann Curve:

This one is incredibly risky and is begging for a high roll, or it may fall flat on its face. Of course, there are alternative routes to this curve, and I will lay those out at the end summary.

Turn 1 (3g) – Buy Murloc Tidehunter
Turn 2 (4g) – Buy another Murloc Tidehunter. Sell both Murloc Scouts. Your hero power should show one other Murloc Tidehunter. Buy the best minion available that is not the Murloc Tidehunter. Freeze your shop.
Turn 3 (5g) -Buy a minion, preferably one with a Battlecry or a selling effect like Sellemental and SunBacon Relaxer. Sell that minion. Upgrade to T2. Freeze the Murloc Tidehunter.
Turn 4 (6g) – Upgrade to T3.
Turn 5 (7g) – Upgrade to T4.
Turn 6 (8g) – Buy the Murloc Tidehunter and triple for a Brann Bronzebeard.

If you do not land the perfect curve of finding all of the Murloc Tidehunters, you can still follow this curve until you get to Tavern-Tier Three. Getting to Tavern-Tier Three is still good since you can find all of the powerful Tavern-Tier Three Battlecry Murlocs. Essentially, this curve is the Jeef curve if you can’t do the high roll.

Closing Thoughts on Fungalmancer Flurgl

Fungalmancer Flurgl, like Ysera, is strong due to his consistency. His biggest weakness is properly finding the Murlcos but Saltscale Honcho helps that out a lot since any Murlocs is still a buff. There is one major weakness with Flurgl, and that is the easy accessibility of poison for your opponents. Your opponents could have a board full of poison, especially with Beasts available. If you notice your opponents are doing this, be sure to stop buffing your minion’s stats and focus more on ways around the poison. Self-less Hero with Baron Rivendare, death rattle minions like Ghastcoiler combined with Reanimating Rattler, or Maexxna with Reanimating Rattler could help you too. Do not pigeonhole yourself into a Murloc mindset. You have to find ways to beat your opponent, even if it goes against the standard game plan. Thanks for reading, everyone, and I hope to see you all climb soon!

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