What you need to know about RS3’s Halloween 2022 event

Runescape3 RS3 2021 Halloween

With the October 24th update, Runescape revealed the Halloween event for 2022. The Halloween-centric event in and around the Draynor Manor features five different primary activities, each with an associated unique miniquest.

Ironman players can participate in the Halloween event and purchase the rewards like regular players. Notably, the Mystery Boxes for Ironman players contain “different rewards.” In previous events, that meant they received 100 Oddments instead of the gold, experience, or dungeoneering tokens regular players receive. 

Note: The H’ween Oddment Shop won’t be available until thursday the 27th, alongside the Grim Harvest treasure hunter promotion.

The activities of Halloween 2022 – All you need to know about RS3’s Halloween event

The events available during Halloween 2022 in Runescape3 make a return from previous Halloween events. Players may remember the Death’s Dogwalker miniquest, which rewards Mining and Archeology experience for finding Death’s dog, Muncher. The Death’s Dogwalker miniquest also unlocks the Doggy Bones activity, during which players help Muncher dig up Doggy Bones to give Muncher as treats, functioning similarly to hot-and-cold clues. 

The Fragmented Souls activity, granting Divination and Runecrafting experience for helping the lost souls wandering the courtyard. Or the Plague Soup minigame, which grants Cooking and Herblore experience by filling crates and bringing them to the nearby Cauldron. 

As always, the experience for all activities scales based on your current levels, with ironman getting less experience than regular accounts. In addition, if you have previously completed these miniquests in the 2020 or 2021’s events, they are automatically completed when you visit the 2022 Halloween Event. 

The returning events available during Halloween 2022

Also returning from 2021 Halloweeen are the popular activities Shooting Gallery and Skeleton Invasion. Shooting Gallery, in which players assist Ed the Werewolf to fight Crassians (crabs), granting experience in Hunter and Fishing. The new activity is faster-paced than the event it replaces, the Potato Gathering event of 2020. Players looking to take on the third Godwars boss, Croesus, can utilize the Shooting Gallery activity as a great place to train up some skills and to gather fragments towards their elite skilling outfits. 

The other is Skeleton Invasion, which is exactly what you would expect. Assist the Draynor Villagers with the help of Greg and train your Magic and Slayer skills in the process. For the combat-lovers among us, Skeleton Invasion is a great place to unlock those new outfits. 

The cosmetics available during the Halloween 2022 event

The Halloween 2022 event in RS3 has several fantastic-looking rewards and many more options than the previous event. The 2022 Spooky Shop features two forms of Death’s Scythe and four additional weapon overrides. In addition, the cosmetic transformation rings, the Ring of War, Death, Famine, and Pestilence are available at 500 Spooky Tokens each. 

In addition, Death’s Spooky Reward Shop features a new companion pet, the Loba, for 9000 reward tokens. 

The returning Legacy Rewards of Death’s Spooky Reward Shop

With many players trying Runescape3 for the first time in 2022, it only makes sense past popular rewards return to Death’s Spooky Reward Shop. The Legacy section of the reward shop includes two previously unobtainable pets, Incy and Roooots, in addition to two event-specific Wings, a cosmetic Parasol, and the Spooky Spider outfit override and associated cosmetic teleport. 

If you somehow can’t get enough or aren’t interested in the cosmetics the Halloween event offers. You can spend your Spooky Tokens on XP lamps, bonus XP stars, or Mystery Boxes containing a combination of both. As mentioned before, however, the experience rewards aren’t available to Ironman accounts. 

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