What you need to know about Runescape3’s Nemi Forest

Runescape3 THe Nemi Forest

As many of you won’t be familiar with the Nemi Forest, let’s start with the basics. The Nemi Forest, located on the island of Mazcab, is a daily activity that grants experience in Mining, Prayer, Dungeoneering, and Farming. The mini-game is most important for Ironman players, as it is one of the most efficient ways for them to train the Prayer skill early on. 

Accessing the Island of Mazcab & the Nemi Forest

Finding your way to the Island of Mazcab is quite a hassle in whatever way you go. You need to know about the main two ways to visit Mazcab. The first route through the World Window on Tuska’s Corpse. Players can teleport to Tuska’s Corpse by talking to Wizard Chambers south of Lumbridge. 

Or, for those more familiar with the different menus and the grouping system, you can use the group-making tool for the Liberation of Mazcab raid instead. A quick step-by-step:

  1. Open the Community Menu and locate the Grouping System.
  2. Select Liberation of Mazcab, then “Create Group” in the bottom-left corner of the Group Chat List menu. 
  3. Press “View Selected” then “Update Group” and teleport the group to the location.

Completing the Nemi Forest

Each time you visit the Nemi Forest, a random number of the reward locations and puzzles spawn into the instance. It is possible to generate puzzles with duplicate puzzles, but you can find anywhere between three and nine puzzles for the majority of times you visit the forest. 

The puzzles are simple to complete, requiring you to pick up an item from one location and disable a barrier at the corresponding point. 

A better way to complete the Nemi Forest

A small but dedicated community helps players complete the Nemi Forest at the daily reset of the minigame and once later in the day. To participate, join the Nemi Forest friends chat, or look on the subreddit of Often the community has a world open where all puzzles are solved, and all monsters are gone. The benefit of that is that any player can simply switch worlds to whichever one the host is on and pick up all the rewards in under two minutes. The two minutes of picking up rewards are much better than the 20-30 minutes it otherwise may take to set up, so timing when you do the daily can save you a lot of time. 

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