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What you need to know about the Firestone App

Hearthstone Firestone App

The simplest way to explain what the Firestone App is, would be to compare it to the other popular Hearthstone tool, Hearthstone Deck Tracker. However, it comes with more customizability and more helpful tools for Battlegrounds and other Hearthstone game modes. The Firestone App is part of the multi-game overlay tool Overwolf. 

A useful tool for Hearthstone

Similar to Hsreplay’s Deck Tracker you might already be familiar with, the Firestone App works in a very similar way. You can track your deck, your opponents’ deck, and everything else you expect a deck tracker to do for Hearthstone. One of my favorite additions that the Firestone App provides is that it shows you what cards created or buffed certain cards in your opponent’s hand. That feature is especially helpful against classes that buff or create many different cards, such as the entire Priest class or specific decks like the Spell Mage decks. 

Battlegrounds – Odds, Battles, and simulations.

The Battlegrounds Features of the Firestone App are where it stands out far beyond what the traditional Deck Trackers offer. One such tool is that you can decide how accurate you want each battle’s simulations to be. Since the Firestone App can use your PC’s power to make these calculations, you can (if your system allows for it) create far more accurate results. 

Hearthstone Firestone App Battle Replay
Firestone App Battle replay

The accuracy of these calculations matters a lot for the main reason why you should download and use the app right now. The Firestone App allows you to look at your Battlegrounds’ past battles and move your units to see how everything affects your odds of winning the match. That replay functionality is an incredible resource for anyone looking to improve at Battlegrounds. 

For now, the replay functionality only works for the past battles of your last Battlegrounds match, but a complete replay & simulation system is in the works. 

The Customizability of Firestone

Another benefit of the Firestone App is its near-endless customizability. Every feature, tracker, display can be resized, moved around, or hidden at your leisure. A system to allow certain windows to move outside of your Hearthstone client is in the works for the future and improves the customization even further. 

You can download the Firestone App on or through the Overwolf platform. For more Hearthstone content, be sure to read all about the latest Battlegrounds heroes including Trade Prince Gallywix, and Mutanus the Destroyer or read all about the Battlegrounds mechanics in our guides to the Darkmoon Treasures & the Minion Pool Mechanics.

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