What you need to know about the Runescape Alt1 Toolkit

Third-party tools are always a controversial thing within the Gaming community. Despite people’s opinions, it is undeniable many of these tools improve the game experience. While some of these tools, like Oldschool Runescape’s Runelite Client, go too far. The Runescape3 alternative “Alt1 Toolkit” just improves the experience of playing the game. Here is why I use and recommend the Alt1 Toolkit to players new to Runescape3. 

The Runewiki Integrations & simple assistance tools of the Alt1 Toolkit. 

When you first explore the vast world of Gielinor, there is just too much to explore, which easily becomes overwhelming to many. The Alt1 Toolkit’s integrations of the Runewiki & its various mini-game assists become invaluable to new players. Being able to easily find and read everything you need to know right from your RS client improves that experience drastically. 

My favorite use of the assistance plugin is the “Answer Meg” option, a weekly event located in the Player-Owned Port that grants rewards & experience based on a selection of questions for Meg’s next adventure. The Runewiki page for this is extremely long. Thus having the option to automatically select the best answers just saves that little bit of time every week.

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The Clue Scroll Plugin & Clue-Box Solver.

Clue Scrolls are one of the best ways to make money within Runescape3. However, when you first learn where each location is, it becomes tiring fast to look up every single step and location. The Clue Scroll plugin automatically shows you the location and assists you on the Puzzle Box tasks to improve the speed you can complete your clue scrolls. Admittedly, some consider the Clue Solver plugin a bit too strong, but Jagex allows it. So if the developers don’t mind, then it is all fair game. 

Another helpful use of the Clue Scroll plugin for those who prefer to avoid actual clue scrolls in RS3 is to solve various quest-related sliding puzzles in the game. Such as the Monkey Madness I puzzle in the Hangar on your path to Crash Island. Or the clues within the Clue Scroll Quest, You Are It! which soft-locked some players from progressing as the puzzles were for a period “impossible” to do due to a bug with the image of the sliding puzzle. 

Entertainment Quality of Life

Almost every Runescape Player plays the game alongside some sort of entertainment. Whether it is watching your favorite streamer on Twitch or if you watch Youtube endlessly throughout your day, the Alt1 Toolkit can improve that experience. Finding the right fit to include everything on your screen is difficult. That is the problem the Alt1 Toolkits Youtube & Twitch player solves. The mini-player functions as an overlay on your screen, which you can resize, hide or close with the click of a button. 

The main benefit here is that you get to play Runescape in the full dimensions of your monitor without having to worry about your favorite show disappearing behind your other windows. 

The Experience Tracker

For whatever reason, Runescape3’s experience tracker requires a paid subscription upgrade to function. The Alt1 Toolkit provides a free, usable workaround that tracks the experience you gain and calculates your current experience per hour. Setting this and the other aspects of the Alt1 Toolkit is simple and only takes a few minutes. 

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