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When and how to build Beasts in Battlegrounds

Compositions are one of the toughest aspects of Battlegrounds. We hope our guides to Beasts & all other tribes help you learn.

A common problem that struggling players have is figuring out for what cards they should be looking. One of my tips on how to improve in Battlegrounds is knowing what minions you should be searching for so you know how to spend your gold. But before you can do that, you have to know the optimal builds that can win you the game. Here are the optimal end game builds as of Battlegrounds patch 20.8.0 The article you are reading now is part of our Compositions series for Battlegrounds. Find our guides to all other compositions here.

Like with the Mech Tribe in Battlegrounds, there are two different end-game builds you can play for with the Beast Tribe. The first is a build relying on Deathrattle Beasts, combined with units like Mama Bear and Baron Rivendare. The second strategy focuses more on Monstrous Macaw, a strategy popular for the Lich King hero.

Note: Amalgadon is the best minion in the game because it can scale high, get divine shield, and poison. But do be careful with it’s battlecry, if you fail, it can set you back really hard. It’s only consistent if Mechs and Murlocs are in the lobby.

Patch 20.8.0 Beasts Changes

Editor note: Since the release of this guide, the cards “Mama Bear and Pack Leader” received a buff. The overall strategies are unaffected, but it is possible Beasts becomes better positioned in the meta going forward from patch 20.8.0.

When to build Deathrattle Beasts

Patch 20.8.0 ready Beasts units

It’s common to pursue a Deathrattle Beast composition if you find early Pack Leaders or a Mama Bear from a triple or early leveling strategy. Improving your Deathrattle Beasts’ strength allows for a strong mid-game with a strong path to continue into the late-game stages of the match. The most important aspect of Deathrattle Beasts is the placement of your minions. There is one thing you focus on when assembling your board. You need to protect Mama Bear, Baron Rivendare, and Rat Pack from being taken out too early, or you lose a massive amount of your strength for the round. 

Deathrattle Beasts has several strengths making it a great choice in the current Battlegrounds meta. The primary strengths include the two armies it creates for your opponents to fight due to all the Deathratttle tokens’ buffs. Another is the large amount of flexibility in the minions you get to choose for your Warband since many Beasts fill a similar role. And the final strength is how simple the Warband is to build early on in the game’s mid-game stage. 

However, these strengths come at a cost. Deathrattle Beasts, like many compositions, is weak against Zapp Slywick and Cleave minions. Having to consider your placement in every single round makes the composition quite difficult to play against opponents who are actively considering their Warband placement, which becomes increasingly common the higher MMR that you reach.

Understanding the units for Deathrattle Beasts

There are three key units you are looking for when assembling your end-game Deathrattle Beast composition. Goldrinn, the Great Wolf, Mama Bear, and Baron Rivendare combine to create immensely powerful boards that lead you to victory. These three are irreplaceable, and without them winning, the game is almost always out of the question. 

If you are in a situation to pick them up, minions like Rat Pack, Amalgadon, and Cave Hydra are nice to add to your Warband, but they aren’t a necessity. In addition to these, there are many units available to fill out the remaining slots of your Warband throughout the game. These Warband fillers are minions you’ll often replace while looking for buffs and better minions. Just some of the Beast options include Rabid Saurolisk, Kindly Grandmother, Pack Leader, Infested Wolf, Savannah Highmane, Ironhide Direhorn, and Ghastcoiler.

Starting out the Build: 

Rabid Saurolisk | Kindly Grandmother | Infested Wolf | Rat Pack |  Scavenging Hyena | Pack Leader | a taunt minion

The common late-game build for Deathrattle Beasts: 

Goldrinn, the Great Wolf (w/ Taunt) | Cave Hydra | Ghastcoiler | Rat Pack | Rat Pack | Mama Bear | Baron Rivendare 

The “Ideal” build of Deathrattle Beasts: 

Golden Goldrinn, the Great Wolf (w/ Taunt) | Cave Hydra | Savanah Highmane |Golden Baron Rivendare | Amalgadon | Golden Rat Pack | Golden Mama Bear

When to build the Bird Beast Warband.

The Bird Beast build is difficult to start with since the tools you need are very specific. Normally it is better advised to start working on Bird Beast when you have both Monstrous Macaw and Goldrinn, the Great Wolf. Always consider sticking with the Deathrattle Beast build if you are having trouble finding a golden Monstrous Macaw or beasts with no Deathrattles.

My advice for choosing between the two Beast builds is to look for opportunities to play Bird Beasts, as the composition has much more potential and be realistic about what Bob is offering you in the Tavern if Bob isn’t offering you beasts without deathrattles, you eventually need to choose to go with Deathrattle Beasts instead and to simply give your Goldrinn, the Great Wolf taunt and play from there.

The Bird Beast composition has several strengths over many of the other builds available in Battlegrounds. The first is that it generates an incredibly high number of stats without ver investing your gold into buff minions. Often allowing you to create a larger board than your opponents. In addition to the stat advantage, the Bird Beast build is much more consistent than the Deathrattle Beast counterpart and scales very well into the game’s late-game stage. And last, it’s immensely powerful out of the gate. The moment you find a Goldrinn, the Great Wolf, alongside either a Monstrous Macaw or Baron Rivendare, you simply start winning rounds. 

Understanding the important units for Bird Beasts.

The Bird Beast composition relies on three units to succeed. The bird, Monstrous Macaw, the deathrattle Goldrinn, the Great Wolf, and the enabler, Baron Rivendare. Combining these three minions allows you to massively increase your board with each attack of the Bird. Other minions like Amalgadon, Cave Hydra, and Maexxna synergize well with the Bird Beast build but aren’t required to win your lobby. 

To fill out your Warband, pretty much any of the beast minions will do just fine. Whether it is Rabid Sourlisk, Ironhide Direhorn, Mama Bear, Scavenging Hyena, Alley Cat, or even two attack blocking minions like Annoy-O-Module and Acolyte of C’thun, you really can’t go too far wrong.

Starting out the Bird Build: 

Goldrinn, the Great Wolf | Monstrous Macaw | Any Beast x 4 | Taunt Minion

OR Monstrous Macaw | Spawn of N’Zoth | Any non-deathrattle minions x4 | Baron Rivendare

The common late-game build: 

Monstrous Macaw | Monstrous Macaw | Goldrinn, the Great Wolf | Cave Hydra | Ironhide Direhorn | Baron Rivendare | Taunt Minion

The ideal Bird Beast build:
Golden Monstrous Macaw | Monstrous Macaw | Golden Goldrinn, the Great Wolf | Cave Hydra | Maexxna | Golden Baron Rivendare | Divine Shield Poison Amalgadon 

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