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When and how to build Beasts in Battlegrounds

Compositions are one of the toughest aspects of Battlegrounds. We hope our guides to Beasts & all other tribes help you learn.

A common problem that struggling players have is figuring out for what cards they should be looking. One of my tips on how to improve in Battlegrounds is knowing what minions you should be searching for so you know how to spend your gold. But before you can do that, you have to know the optimal builds that can win you the game. Here are the optimal end game builds as of Battlegrounds patch 21.2. The article you are reading now is part of our Compositions series for Battlegrounds. Find our guides to all other compositions here.

There are three builds you can do with Beasts now in Battlegrounds! All of them require Baron Rivendare since deathrattles are important for this build.

Note: All minions, except Rat Pack, should have Reborn status from Reanimating Rattler. Rat Pack should not have Reborn as it will not summon Rat Pack due to board space.

When should you go for Deathrattle Token Build?

Mama Bear is a key card to doing Deathrattle Token build. Once you have her, everything should be easy until the late game. From there, you should be able to pick up any beast to round out your build.

Mid Game Build: 

Rapid Saurolisk | Cave Hydra | Savannah Highmane | Sewer Rat | Rat Pack | Bird Buddy | Mama Bear

The common late-game build:

Goldrinn, White Wolf | Maexxna | Savannah Highmane | Rat Pack | Baron Rivendare | Mama Bear | Taunted Sewer Rat

This build is by far the weakest build amongst the Beast build. The scaling is not very high, and it has some weaknesses. However, it is still a strong build amongst the midgame. While you often won’t beat the end game builds, it is a build that definitely can get you amongst the top 4. If you want to get first place, try to go for either of the following builds. 

When should you go for Bird Goldrinn Build?

This build works through Monstrous Macaw, Goldrinn, the White Wolf, and Baron Rivendare. The new addition of Reanimating Rattler makes this build much more consistent from possible counters. While this needs more setup and specific cards than the Deathrattle Token build, this build can fight into the late game and does not require the setup of having Mama Bear buffed minions.

Mid Game Build:

Monstrous Macaw | Monstrous Macaw | Spawn of N’Zoth | Rapid Saurolisk | Cave Hydra | Scavenging Hyena | Acolyte of C’Thun

The common late-game build:
Golden Monstrous Macaw | Goldrinn, White Wolf | Cave Hydra | Maexxna | Another beast with no Deathrattles or Amalgadon with Divine Shield and/or Poison | Baron Rivendare | Acolyte of C’Thun or Annoy-o-Module

You could replace the taunt at the end with a reborn taunted Goldrinn. This build relies on both Goldrinn and Baron Rivendare, so try your best not to have them get sniped. Use Blood Gems or Budding Greenthumb to buff your Baron Rivendare to get it away from being sniped by Zapp Slywick. As previously mentioned, Reanimating Rattler is important to keep this build consistent. If you do not need the cleave or poison for your build, you can always have constant Monstrous Macaw to help with your Goldrinn stacking.

When should you go for Leapfrogger Build?

Your key cards are Leapfrogger, Monstrous Macaw, Baron Rivendare, and Rat Pack. This build falls apart if you are missing Baron Rivendare from your build. However, while you need multiple key pieces, these cards are easier to find than the other builds. At the moment, this build is much more popular than the other builds due to its ease, difficulty to counter, and strength. However, since it is a popular build, you may need to fight others for the key cards.

Mid Game Build:

Leapfrogger | Leapfrogger | Rabid Saurolisk | Sewer Rat | Rat Pack | Scavenging Hyena | Bird Buddy

The common late-game build:
Taunted Golden Leapfrogger | Golden Monstrous Macaw | Taunted Leapfrogger | Another Beast | Sewer Rat | Rat Pack | Baron Rivendare

The last beast can be anything. The idea for this build is that the Leapfrogger deathrattle will fall on any of your beast minions, thus making it easy for Monstrous Macaw to create more Leapfrogger deathrattles, even on beasts who already have deathrattles. It creates a board that is a strong combination of the previous two builds. It has constant buffing deathrattles to keep your board strong while also having multiple spawned minions from deathrattles that are powerful. As previously mentioned, buff your Baron Rivendare with Blood Gems or Budding Greenthumb, so it is not easily sniped by Zapp Slywick.

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