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When and How to build Demons in Battlegrounds

Compositions are one of the toughest aspects of Battlegrounds. We hope our guides to Demons & all other tribes help you learn.

A common problem that struggling players have is figuring out for what cards they should be looking. One of my tips on how to improve in Battlegrounds is knowing what minions you should be searching for so you know how to spend your gold. But before you can do that, you have to know the optimal builds that can win you the game. Here are the optimal end game builds as of Battlegrounds patch 20.8.2. The article you are reading now is part of our Compositions series for Battlegrounds. Find our guides to all other compositions here.

There are two distinct build paths you can take with Demons in Battlegrounds. The first focuses on growing Wrath Weavers as large as possible, where the second build combines Demon’s and Soul Juggler to steal away wins from their opponents. 

Note: Amalgadon is the best minion in the game because it can scale high, get divine shield, and poison. But do be careful with it’s battlecry, if you fail, it can set you back really hard. It’s only consistent if Mechs and Murlocs are in the lobby.

Patch 20.8.0 Demon Buffs

Editor note: Since the release of this guide, the cards “Bigfernal, Soul Juggler, and Nathrezin Overseer” received a buff. The overall strategies are unaffected, but it is possible Demons becomes better positioned in the meta going forward from patch 20.8.0.

When to build the Wrath Weaver Warband in Battlegrounds

The Wrath Weaver Warband is something you have to commit to from the start of a game. Unlike many Battlegrounds compositions, Wrath Weaver isn’t something you can pivot into in the mid to late-game stage. If you don’t find Wrath Weavers in the first six turns of the game, I’d recommend playing something else instead. 

Avoid forcing Wrath Weaver compositions. Unless the game offers you a great opportunity to create the Warband, it is likely best to play for a different composition instead. However, when you get a set up worth pursuing, it’s strong enough to take you to 1st place with little trouble, especially at the lower ranks. 

One of the Wrath Weaver Warband’s strengths is its flexibility. There are several paths you can go down in the mid-game alongside your large Wrath Weavers. For example, one option is to pursue one or more Bigfernals to scale alongside your Wrath Weavers. Another is to try and find Goldgrubbers or Champion of Y’shaarj’s if Bob offers you those. A recent addition for the Demon tribe is Soul Devourer, a minion that synergizes really well with all other demons and allows you to scale multiple units at no cost. 

The final strength worth mentioning is that the Wrath Weaver Warband might be the strongest available mid-game composition in all of Battlegrounds. However, these strengths come at a cost. To consistently close out the game in 1st, you need to find Baron Rivendare alongside Selfless Hero’s to beat Poison or Murloc compositions, which you won’t always find. Another weakness is that you simply lose a lot of your health throughout the game. Taking a bad loss early on against someone with some crazy luck often means you are out in 7th or 8th. 

Understanding the units of the Wrath Weaver Warband.

There’s a common misconception that because you play Wrath Weaver, that you have to stick with Demons. While Mal’Ganis is necessary and buffs your demon warband, they are not going to be able to scale high enough to fight other builds, meaning you will be stuck with only one strong minion. Wrath Weaver is just a way for you to get into other builds. You can still switch to other high, fast scaling builds such as Dragons, Elementals, Murlocs and Pirates. You can even decide to be safe at tier 4 and try to stick with a midrange taunt build. Of course, you can use the basic poison package as well if you just need minions that trade evenly. 

Other cards like Baron Rivendare and Selfless Hero are important to reach 1st place, but consistently placing the top four without these is certainly possible. Other minions like Soul Devourer, Annihilan Battlemaster, Bigfernal, and Amalgadon are on the list of units we should pick up any chance we get to allow our Warband to scale the best it can. 

A common start for your Wrath Weaver Warband:
Wrath Weaver | Wrath Weaver | Imprisoner | Nathrezim Overseer | Imp Gang Boss | Vulgar Homunculus | Crystalweaver

Two common late-game Warband for Wrath Weaver’s:
Wrath Weaver | Soul Devourer | Mal’Ganis | One filler to recycle Demons | 

Option 1: Voidlord | Champion of Y’Shaarj | Qiraji Harbinger |

Option 2: Goldgrubber | Selfless Hero | Jeweled McCaw or Baron Rivendare |

The ideal Wrath Weaver Warband:
Selfless Hero | Wrath Weaver | Amalgadon x 2 | Another big minion whether it’s Champion of Y’Shaarj, Bigfernal, Annihalan Batlemaster, or Goldgrubber | Mal’Ganis | Baron Rivendare

When should you pursue the Soul Juggler Warband?

There are some strategies in Battlegrounds you can play with the goal of only reaching the top four. Soul Jugglers is one of those strategies. If you are stuck in the early to mid-game of your Battlegrounds lobby, and you can’t find the scaling demons or alternative composition dictator minions, you can choose to try and reach the top four with Soul Jugglers. The moment you can pick up the first one should be a consideration for you in your game. Think about it this way, do you have an alternative? Do you think you can do better than the top four from this position? And go from there. 

Sometimes I would just buy a Soul Juggler if the other minions offered have similar stars. The Soul Juggler build is strong enough to give you a good spike of power in the early mid-game if you find even one demon to synergize with him. If I end up finding strong minions to help scale me to the late game like a Lil’Rag or Dread Admiral Eliza with Scallywag, then I may consider switching gameplans.

The Soul Juggler’s Warband comes with some risks since it relies heavily on RNG to hit the right targets with Soul Juggler’s active. In addition, many strategies do well against our Warband overall, and like with many other comps, Zapp Slywick can simply counter our entire strategy. However, don’t underestimate the build just yet. It’s still among the best performing teams in the mid-game, and it allows you to safely raise your tavern while you look for outs to try and find Mal’ganis and Voidlords to strengthen your Warband.

Understanding the important minions of the Soul Juggler Warband

There are three minions I consider more important than any other for the Soul Juggler Warband. Besides the obvious, Soul Juggler, Imprisoner and Voidlord are my favorite units to synergize with the team. The additional Demons they generate drastically improves your chances of winning. Other minions like Bigfernal, Imp Mama, and Amalgadon synergize well with our team but aren’t required to succeed. 

There are four units you can use as scaling tools alongside your Soul Jugglers. Champion of Y’Shaarj, Goldgrubber, Bigfernal, and Wrath Weaver are your options. However, which of the four “scaler” minions you end up with depends mainly on which one Bob offers you in his tavern.

The beginning of a Soul Juggler Warband:
Vulgar Homunculus | Imprisoner | Imprisoner | Imp Gang Boss | Soul Juggler | Soul Juggler

A common late-game build for the Soul Juggler strategy:
Late game build: Imprisoner | Imprisoner | Ring Matron | Siegebreaker | Voidlord | Scaler | Golden Soul Juggler

The ideal build for Soul Juggler:
Imprisoner | Amalgadon | Amalgadon | Voidlord | Voidlord | Scaler or extra Soul Juggler | Golden Soul Juggler

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