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When and how to build Pirates in Battlegrounds

Compositions are one of the toughest aspects of Battlegrounds. We hope our guides to Pirates & all other tribes help you learn.

A common problem that struggling players have is figuring out for what cards they should be looking. One of my tips on how to improve in Battlegrounds is knowing what minions you should be searching for so you know how to spend your gold. But before you can do that, you have to know the optimal builds that can win you the game. Here are the optimal end game builds as of Battlegrounds patch 21.2. The article you are reading now is part of our Compositions series for Battlegrounds. Find our guides to all other compositions here.

You can do two builds with Pirates, one that focuses more on APM (Action Per Minute), and the other relies on Dread Admiral Eliza.

When should you go for APM Pirate Build?

The APM build requires many key cards to help your Warband, such as Cap’n Hoggarr, Salty Looter, and Peggy Brittlebone. It is difficult to get enough of the important minions, but your minions will scale incredibly fast once you can get going.

Mid-game Build:
Salty Looter | Salty Looter | Cap’n Hoggarr | Briny Bootlegger | Peggy Brittlebone | Peggy Brittlebone | Ripsnarl Captain

The common late-game build:
Golden Cap’n Hoggarr | Golden Salty Looter | Golden Peggy Brittlebone | Golden Briny Bootlegger | Tony-Two Tusk | Dread Admiral Eliza | Golden Ripsnarl Captain

APM Pirate requires a lot of skill as well as key cards more than other builds. You have to make sure you manage to outscale your enemy by constantly buying pirates. Eventually, you will have infinite gold, especially if you have another Cap’n Hoggarr accompanying your Golden Cap’n Hoggarr. Pirates do not have any special abilities other than having big stats, so be sure to start getting Selfless Heroes to give your minions divine shield.

When should you go for Scallywag Eliza Build?

This build is much easier to start than the previous build, but it is hard to round out as it needs multiple difficult triples to create. Once you have Dread Admiral Eliza, then this build can start being tempo-heavy.

Mid Game Build:

Scallywag | Scallywag | Any Pirate | Any Pirate | Dread Admiral Eliza | Baron Rivendare | Acolyte of C’Thun

The common late-game build:
Taunted Scallywag | Taunted Scallywag | Golden Dread Admiral Eliza | Golden Baron Rivendare | Golden Khadgar | Khadgar

However, while most people call this the Exodia build, it is not without its counters. Cards such as Zapp Slywick, small taunts, and cleaves can counter this build. An end game idea of how to make sure you can defeat all of those is by creating this build:

Unstable Ghoul | Scallywag | Scallywag | Golden Selfless Hero | Golden Dread Admiral Eliza | Golden Khadgar | Golden Baron Rivendare

Of course, buff up your Baron Rivendare and Khadgar, so they do not get sniped by Zapp Slywick. The above is the best way you can make this build, and it is how you get around builds that counter your build.

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