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When and How to build Quilboars in Battlegrounds

Compositions are a vital part of Battlegrounds, but they can be tough to learn. Here is our composition guide for the new Quilboar Tribe.

Quilboars have had a swing of ups and downs, but right now, the Tribe is in a pretty good spot. In addition to the pure Quilboar Builds, the Tribe also has some options when combined with other tribes. One of the tribe’s main strengths is its ability to scale fast through only Quilboar. 

The article you are reading now is part of our Compositions series for Battlegrounds. Find the guides to all other compositions here.

How to build Pure Quilboars

Charlga scales your board really fast with the combined efforts of Agamaggem and Dynamic Duo.  When you can pick up those cards as well as Tough Tusk and Bristleback Brute, you can get a build that grows swiftly.

Mid Game Build:

Bonkers | Tough Tusk | Banner Boar | Tough Tusk | Bristleback Brute | Banner Boar | Groundshaker | Dynamic Duo

A common late game build:

Tough Tusk | Tough Tusk | Charlga | Aggamaggan | Bristleback Brute | Dynamic Duo | Dynamic Duo

If necessary, you can triple Tough Tusk and Dynamic Duo by combining their stats may not be helpful as tripling the Tough Tusk leaves you with only one divine shield minion. Putting the Dynamic Duos together may be good in some situations, but if your opponent has a poison this card becomes nearly useless.

How to Build Gemsplitter with Aggem Thorncurse and Groundshaker

Unfortunately, Captain Flat Tusk still produces Blood Gems at an incredibly slow rate. Luckily for us, Gemsplitter exists. Gemsplitter single-handedly saves Aggem Thorncurse and Groundshaker from being unviable. All you need is to get a good amount of Divine Shield minions, and if you triple or have two Gemsplitter’s, you will have a handful of Blood Gems at the end of your battle phase.

Mid Game Build:
Deflect-o-Bot | Bronze Warden | Crackling Cyclone | Tough Tusk | Gemsplitter | Groundshaker | Annoy-o-Module on a Mech Deathrattle

A common late-game build:
Deflect-o-Bot | Bronze Warden | Crackling Cyclone | Either another divine shield minion, another tribe minion, or divine shield Amalgadon | Aggem Thorncurse | Golden Gemsplitter | Annoy-o-Module on a Mech deathrattle or Holy Mecherel

The Gemsplitter build scales incredibly fast and is one of the best compositions out right now. Be careful though, your hand will be full. If you’re a hero that gets cards in their hands such as Lord Barov or Tickatus then be warned that you might not get your rewards.

You can still win games if you choose Groundshaker over Aggem Thorncurse, but it is much easier to counter than the Aggem Thorncurse build. Ideal minions for Aggem for the other tribes are SI:Sefin, Goldgrubber, Peggy Bristlebone (you need another Pirate to gain the benefits. Ideally, have two Peggy’s), Impulsive Trickster, and Cave Hydra.

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