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When and How to build Quilboars in Battlegrounds

Compositions are a vital part of Battlegrounds, but they can be tough to learn. Here is our composition guide for the new Quilboar Tribe.

The article you are reading now is part of our Compositions series for Battlegrounds. Find the guides to all other compositions here.

Battlegrounds’ latest Tribe Quilboars is fantastic. However, understanding how to utilize your Blood Gems best and which Quilboars pair isn’t easy to learn. The latest edition of the composition series aims to help you get started. I would recommend three main build paths after the Battlegrounds patch 20.8.0 update, which nerfed many aspects of the Quilboar Tribe.

How to build Charlga & Agamaggam the Great Boar in Battlegrounds

Charlga and agamaggan

Charlga, in combination with Agamaggem, is amongst one of the most flexible win conditions in the game. You can accomplish this by combining them to form a strong build composition that works with a wide variety of minion choices. Previously Charlga was a Tier six 7/7, but shortly after the Quilboar tribe’s release, it was among the cards to see a balance change in Patch 20.2.0 to a tier six 4/4 in addition to no longer granting itself a Blood Gem buff on its active. 

However, despite the nerf to this build, it is still among the best compositions in Battlegrounds when you find the right units to pursue it. 

Other minions worth looking out for include: Dynamic Duo, Necrolyte, Tough Tusk, Foe Reaper, Cave Hydra, Deflect-o-Bot, Bolvar, Fireblood, Annoy-o-Module, Bronze Warden, Crackling Cyclone, Bristleback Knight, Captain Flat Tusk, and Amalgadon. 

Besides these, Quilboar’s favorite Warband fillers (the weird 7th slot you commonly replace) include Selfless Hero, Bristleback Brute, Banner Boar, Groundshaker, Bonker, Prophet of the Boar, or Lightfang Enforcer. 

A common mid-game build for Charlga/Agamaggem: 

Bonker | Tough Tusk | Banner Boar | Tough Tusk | Bristleback Brute | Charlga | Dynamic Duo

A realistic Late game build: 

Tough Tusk | Tough Tusk | Charlga | Agamaggan | Agamaggan | Bristleback Brute | Dynamic Duo

The Ideal Charlga & Agamaggam Build: 

Foe Reaper | Golden Tough Tusk | Crackling Cyclone | Golden Charlga | Golden Agamaggan | Amalgadon | Amalgadon

When should you go for the Charlga/Agamaggam build?

To get the most out of the Charlga & Agamaggam build, you need to find Cleave or Divine Shield units. Note that currently, only the Beast and Mech tribe access the Cleave keyword. Without both or one of these tribes in the game, this build is significantly weaker. The best thing about the Charlga build, unlike Lil’Rag or Kalecgos, you don’t always need to buy new units to scale your board. However, that comes at the cost of the buff initially being weaker until you find a second Charlga or the Agamaggam to go alongside it. 

The main taunt of the Quilboar tribe, Dynamic Duo, ramps up fast if you have a Warband filled with other Quilboars. However, be careful as it is incredibly weak against Poison and doesn’t leave much room to play against Cleaves from your opponent. 

One cool trick you need to remember is that you have the option to buy a Necrolyte, which allows you to transfer the stats from Charlga and Agamaggam to a minion that utilizes it better, such as a Cleave or Divine Shield minion. That is one way you can significantly improve your board, which some people seem to have forgotten about. 

How to build Aggem Thorncurse Menagerie in Battlegrounds

Agge THorncurse Menagerie

Another great build utilizing the new Battlegrounds Tribe is Aggem Thorncurse Menagerie. As the name suggests, it combines Aggem Thorncurse and Captain Flat Tusk with the classic Menagerie strategy. 

Besides the two minions that allow this style of Menagerie to succeed in the current meta, there are many important minions you want to add to your Warband if you get the chance. These include Agamaggan, the Great Boar (Quilboar), Cap’n Hoggarr (Pirate), Dynamic Duo (Quilboar), Charlga (Quilboar), Necrolyte (Effect, not a Warband addition), Tough Tusk (Quilboar), Foe Reaper (Mech), Deflect-o-Bot (Mech), Cave Hydra (Beast), Annoy-o-Module (Mech/Buff), Bronze Warden (Dragon), Amalgadon (All), Crackling Cyclone (Elemental), Lightfang Enforcer (Menagerie Enabler), Mythrax the Unraveler (Menagerie Enabler), Bonker (Quilboar). 

Besides these, here are some suggestions to fill out your Warband. The best one is Selfless Hero, but other options include Bristleback Brute, Thorncaller, Sun-Bacon Relaxer, Roadboar, or Prophet of the Boar.

A common mid-game build for Aggem Thorncurse Menagerie: 

Bonker | Aggem Thorncurse | Banner Boar | Tough Tusk | Bronze Warden | Deflect-o-Bot | Dynamic Duo

A realistic Late game build: 

Deflect-o-Bot | Aggem Thorncurse | Captain Flat Tusk | Bronze Warden | Agamaggen, the Great Boar |  Dynamic Duo | Lightfang Enforcer

The Ideal Build for Aggem Thorncurse Menagerie: 

Foe Reaper | Golden Cap’n Hoggarr | Golden Captain Flat Tusk | Golden Aggem Thorncurse |  Golden Agamaggen, the Great Boar | Amalgadon | Amalgadon

When should you go for the Aggem Thorncurse Menagerie build?

Getting started with the Aggem Thorncurse Menagerie build is one of the more difficult things to do with Quilboars. However, if you can get it going, it quickly becomes one of the fastest scaling Menagerie builds possible in Battlegrounds. The main units you need to have when you want to start your Quilboar Menagerie team are Captain Flat Tusk or Bonkers to generate Blood Gems and some units of different Tribes to get to scaling. 

While it is possible to start your Menagerie build with Aggem Thorncurse, you won’t succeed without adequate Blood Gem generators like a Captain Flat Tusk or Bonkers. One option you do have is to try and find Sun-Bacon Relaxers, a unit that, when sold, gives you two Blood Gems to help you transition.

Like the Charlga build, one of the best units you can find is a Necrolyte, which allows you to transfer your Blood Gem stats to a new minion. Again, the best option is a Cleave unit, for which the options are Cave Hydra and Foe Reaper. As a final note, if you get to a point where you can find both a Golden Cap’n Hoggarr and a Golden Captain Flat Tusk, you need to play extremely fast to get the most value out of these units. 

Consider setting up the Windows Defender reset and Uncap your FPS in Hearthstone to improve your chances. 

How to best utilize Groundshaker in Battlegrounds

Groundshaker Quilboars best use

The Groundshaker Build for Quilboars is the most mid-game-oriented version of the Tribe. The first of the key units, Groundshaker, is available as early as Tavern four, making it a great option for games where you don’t have the luxury of safely scaling. The card that best enables Groundshaker is Captain Flat Tusk, a tavern-six unit we love picking up whenever the option presents itself. 

Since Groundshaker’s effect only grants your other units +2 attack the following combat, it’s important to consider whether you can actually win your next round or if you are better off saving them in the mid-game rounds for your next battle. Balancing this is a skill you’ll learn with time. A tip on improving your chances here for the newer Battlegrounds players is to look at your opponent’s past rounds, see how much damage they dealt, and who they beat or lost to. That gives you at least some idea of how strong your opponent may be in the next round. 

When you are playing the Groundshaker build, there are many cards you love to add to your arsenal. Like many the Quilboar Warbands, you are looking for cards that either utilize the attack well, like Divine Shield or Cleave unit. Or that generate additional Blood Gems to make you stronger for the current or next combat rounds. 

Just some of Groundshaker’s wishlist includes Agamaggan, the Great Boar, Cap’n Hoggarr, Dynamic Duo, Tough Tusk, Foe Reaper, Cave Hydra, Deflect-o-Bot, Bolvar, Fireblood, Annoy-o-Module, Bronze Warden, Crackling Cyclone, Bristleback Knight, and of course Amalgadon. 

Filling out the 7th replacement/flex slot is an important part of Battlegrounds. Some of your best options here include Selfless Hero, Bristleback Brute, Banner Boar, Bonker, Thorncaller, Prophet of the Boar, and Arm of Empire. 

A common mid-game build for Groundshaker: 

Bonker | Tough Tusk | Banner Boar | Tough Tusk | Bristleback Brute | Groundshaker | Dynamic Duo

The realistic Late game build: 

Cave Hydra | Tough Tusk | Groundshaker | Captain Flat Tusk | Captain Flat Tusk | Crackling Cyclone | Dynamic Duo

The ideal Groundshaker Warband: 

Foe Reaper | Golden Cap’n Hoggarr | Golden Captain Flat Tusk | Golden Groundshaker |  Golden Agamaggen, the Great Boar | Amalgadon | Amalgadon

When should you go for the Groundshaker build?

As mentioned before, the Groundshaker Build is the path you take when you want to be stronger in the mid-game. Whether that is because you have a weak scaling hero or f you just had a rough early few rounds. Groundshaker’s ability to grant your entire (Except for Groundshaker itself, since the latest nerf) Warband a temporary buff of +2 Attack with each Blood Gem you play, you can get a lot of value out of your Divine Shield minions. 

The Groundshaker build isn’t something you commonly force, but more something you pick up when the right opportunity presents itself. While it is still very strong after the Quilboar nerfs in patch 20.2.2, it has many weaknesses, the biggest weakness being its lack of proper scaling. 

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