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When and How to build Dragons in Battlegrounds

Compositions is one of the toughest aspects of Battlegrounds. We hope our composition guides to Dragons & all other tribes helps you learn.

A common problem that struggling players have is figuring out for what cards they should be looking. One of my tips on how to improve in Battlegrounds is knowing what minions you should be searching for so you know how to spend your gold. But before you can do that, you have to know the optimal builds that can win you the game. Here are the optimal end game builds as of Battlegrounds patch 22.0. The article you are reading now is part of our Compositions series for Battlegrounds. Find our guides for compositions here!

There are two builds you can do with Dragons now in Battlegrounds! 

When should you go for Kalecgos dragons?

Once you can find Kalecgos, then that’s when you start working towards the Kalecgos dragons build. Unlike before, dragons now have a decent mid-game that helps them carry onto an end-game Kalecgos build.

Mid Game Build:

Bronze Warden | Bronze Warden | Tarecgosa | Prized Promo-Drake | Tarecgosa | Whelp Smuggler | Prestor’s Pyrospawn 

The common late-game Kalecgos build: 

Kalecgos | Dragon | Dragon | Dragon | Dragon | Slot for Battlecries | Whelp Smuggler. Eventually, add Nadina to remove Whelp Smuggler.

The dragons can be anything, but Razorgore, Tarecgosa, Bronze Warden, and Prized Promo-Drake are the best to have. Whelp Smuggler gives you an extra two health with Kalecgos to help scale up even faster. Whelp Smuggler should only replace her once you have either another Kalecgos or a Nadina. Prestor’s Pyrospawn should be in your build if you are facing other builds with Divine Shield.

Witchwing Nestmatron helps a lot whenever you are going for Kalecgos dragons. The number of cards she provides, if done right, can allow you the ability to upgrade fast, triple a lot, and be the support Kalecgos dragons need. If you can find Kalecgos himself and a bunch of other dragons, use the battlecries Witchwing Nestmatron provides for you the jump-start for this build to get going.

When should you go for Tarecgosa Dragons?

Tarecgosa Dragons focuses on using Tarecgosa’s unique ability to retain any buffs obtained in combat. Cards such as Nadina the Red, Selfless Hero, Prized-Promo Drake, and even Impulsive Trickster will help Tarecgosa get stronger.

Mid Game Build:
Tarecgosa | Prized-Promo Drake | Tarecgosa | Prized Promo-Drake | Bronze Warden | Drakonid Enforcer | Prestor’s Pyrospawn

The common end-game example:

Nadina the Red | Golden Tarecgosa | Golden Prized-Promo Drake | Tarecgosa | Prized-Promo Drake | Razorgore |  Prestor’s Pyrospawn

While you may not have the power of Kalecgos to buff your minions, you will find yourself to be incredibly strong through Prized-Promo Drake’s buff onto Tarecgosa. Be careful, as you might only have two strong minions. If you need more than the two, consider getting Maexxna or Deadly Spore to help out. If you need a cleave, you can use Prized-Promo Drake’s ability to give a temporary buff to Foe Reaper or Cave Hydra.

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