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When and How to build Dragons in Battlegrounds

Compositions is one of the toughest aspects of Battlegrounds. We hope our composition guides to Dragons & all other tribes helps you learn.

A common problem that struggling players have is figuring out for what cards they should be looking. One of my tips on how to improve in Battlegrounds is knowing what minions you should be searching for so you know how to spend your gold. But before you can do that, you have to know the optimal builds that can win you the game. Here are the optimal end game builds as of Battlegrounds patch 20.8.0. The article you are reading now is part of our Compositions series for Battlegrounds. Find our guides for compositions here!

As with most tribes in Battlegrounds, the Dragon tribe has two distinct playing styles that we believe are worth covering. The first, the simple Kalecgos build of the Dragon Tribe, with the second focusing more on combining Nadina the Red and Razorgore the Untamed.

Note: Amalgadon is the best minion in the game because it can scale high, get divine shield, and poison. But do be careful with it’s battlecry, if you fail, it can set you back really hard. It’s only consistent if Mechs and Murlocs are in the lobby.

Dragons Buff Patch 20.8.0

Editor note: Since the release of this guide, the card “Razorgore, the Untamed” received a buff. The overall strategy is unaffected, but it is possible Dragons becomes better positioned in the meta going forward from patch 20.8.0.

When to build Kalecgos Dragons

Kalegos is one of the highest scaling minions with the most clear-cut win conditions. Even if you have no dragons, it is sometimes best to pick him because you are in a great position to pivot to the Kalegos Dragon build. Whether to pick up Kalecgos is a much easier choice when you were building dragons the whole time. 

However, the Kalegos build requires multiple steps to work. First, you have to find Kalecgos somewhat early, so you got time to scale. Second, you have to be healthy or have a strong enough board to continue to scale. Third, learn when it’s better to buff, buy a dragon, or raise your tavern to try and find Nadina the Red. One should understand the timing of dragons and the game as a whole.

The simple Kalecgos Dragons build has several strengths that can’t be underestimated. One of the most important aspects is its strong scaling, allowing it to become one of the strongest end-game compositions possible in the late-game when combined with Nadina the Red. Another key aspect is how flexible the composition is. Besides finding the initial Kalecgos, you can pretty much choose any dragon to go alongside it. 

However, there are also downsides you need to remember when playing Kalecgos Dragons. One of the main issues the composition has is that both of its important minions, Kalecgos and Nadina the Red, are only available on tavern six. Because of that, it’s sometimes difficult to reach Tavern six among the first players in your lobby while maintaining your health total. That effect is compounded by the need for additional copies of either unit if you find them later in the game since you have fewer turns to scale. 

Understanding the units of Kalecgos Dragons

For the simple Kalecgos Dragons build, there is only one card that truly matters. If you can find a Kalecgos, Arcane Aspect early enough in your lobby, it’s a path to victory. There are some dragons you prefer to find compared to the weaker early-game ones, like Razorgore the Untamed or Drakonid Enforcer. However, with the strong dragons, alongside Warband improving minions like Nadina the Red and Amalgadon, they are unnecessary to win the game. 

Since you are almost constantly replacing your 7th minion slot with Kalecgos Dragons to scale your board, it’s important to know with what minions you want to end your turn. Not wasting gold is of huge importance for the build, so try and end on something strong whenever possible. My personal favorites include Cobalt Scalebane, Bronze Warden, Waxrider Togwaggle (if it’s early enough in the game), or any of the battlecry minions. 

Starting out your Kalecgos Dragon Warband:

Kalegos, Arcane Aspect | Any dragon x5 | Any battlecry filler 

The common late-game Kalecgos build:

Nadina, the Red | Any dragon x4 | Any battlecry filler | Kalegos, Arcane Aspect

The ultimate Kalecgos Dragon Warband:
Ideal Build: Nadina, the Red | Golden Kalegos, Arcane Aspect | Golden Razorgore | Nadina, the Red | Any battlecry filler | Amalgadon x2

When to build a Nadina Warband

Occasionally, if you commit to looking for a Razorgore or Kalecgos on tavern five, you end up only getting the option of a Nadina as composition dictator unit. In this situation, while you can still look for a Kalecgos later, you can start to create a Warband around the Nadina the game offered you. Sometimes you just don’t have another option. 

A common mistake I see when people try and play either of the Dragons builds is that they pick up Kalecgos too late in the game when they don’t actually have an option to utilize it enough. My advice here would be to avoid it and focus on improving your big minions to finish as high as possible. 

One benefit of the Nadina-focused Warband is that it’s immediately stronger in most situations. Nadina doesn’t require several turns to scale and simply improves the dragons you already have. However, it also has significant weaknesses we can’t just ignore. Unstable Ghoul is a common minion many of your opponents can pick up, which simply removes close to half of your board if you play your minions incorrectly. Another weakness is that it kind of requires Amalgadon to win a lobby. Without them, it becomes quite difficult to take the crown.

Understanding the units of the Nadina Warband

To succeed with the Nadina Warband, you need several strong minions to go alongside your Nadina. The best option is Razorgore, the Untamed, with the second-best being Drakonid Enforcer. Other minions like Monstrous Macaw and Amalgadon synergize well with Nadina Warband’s but aren’t necessary to reach the top four of most lobbies. However, if you can pick them up, that certainly improves your chances. 

My favorite units to fill out my Warband at the end of each turn include Bolvar, Fireblood, Glyph Guardian, Goldgrubber, Waxrider Togwaggle, or Bronze Warden. However, since you rely less on buffing effects in this build, it’s less common to need to fill out your Warband with one of these weaker options. 

A simple starting build for Nadina:

Nadina, the Red | Glyph Guardian | Razorgore, the Untamed | Drakonid Enforcer | Bolvar, Fireblood | Any dragons x 2

A common late-game Warband for Nadina:
Monstrous Macaw | Nadina, the Red | Razorgore, the Untamed | Drakonid Enforcer | Drakonid Enforcer | Amalgadon | Bronze Warden (/w Taunt)

The ideal Nadina the Red Warband in Battlegrounds:

Nadina, the Red | Golden Razorgore, the Untamed | Golden Drakonid Enforcer | Poisoned Amalgadon | Nadina, the Red | Poisoned Divine Shield Taunted Amalgadon

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