Where to use your Deathtouch Darts in Runescape3

Deathtouch Darts serve an interesting purpose in Runescape3, in which they can instantly kill their target. With the recent update to Daily challenges and the new weekly challenge rewards, regular players and Ironmen gain far more access to Deathtouched Darts than ever before. So, let’s go over the best places to use your Darts and how you can obtain them.

How to obtain Deathtouch Darts in Runescape3

There are several methods to obtaining Deathtouch Darts in Runescape3. First, players may obtain Deathtouch Darts from Treasure Hunter or other reward systems like the Yak Track. While the first method isn’t available to Ironmen, the other two methods are available to all players. The second method is through the Traveling Merchant Shop, in which players can purchase a Deathtouch Dart for five million GP several times a month. 

The third common way of obtaining Deathtouch Darts is through the recently reworked daily & weekly challenge system as mentioned above. While we don’t know if a dart is available in each weekly challenge reward, the first two weeks since the rework has included a Deathtouch Dart, among a weekly reset and a large cash pouch. 

The best places to use your Deathtouch Darts

It is worth noting that you can’t use Deathtouch Darts at several of the end-game bosses of Runescape3. The bosses that are unaffected by the Darts include (among others) Vorago, Solak, all of Godwars Dungeon three, and Nex: Angel of Death. However, that still leaves many bosses where you can turn the dart into a significant amount of profit. 

If you have high enough stats to reach the fight, the best place to use your darts is the Ambassador from the third Elite Dungeon. The Ambassador drops pieces of the Eldrich Crossbow with a rate of 1/55 in solo mode. With just the crossbow pieces alone, a completion of Elite Dungeon three is worth ~20 million GP. 

However, now that Deathtouch Darts are available to many low-level players, there are also options with far easier to access boss fights. One great option is the Kalphite King, which drops approximately one to two million GP per kill. While that is far lower than the Ambassador, the only requirement to reach the Kalphite King is 23 agility and some combat stats to survive the Kalphite’s in the lair.

Ironman use options

For Ironmen in particular, it’s worth considering using your Deathtouch Darts on the regular Nex fight. All items from Nex are vital for Ironman players, and with a chance of only 1/21 of getting an armor piece, you have a great chance of unlocking some upgrades.

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