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Wild Odd Rogue Insights – an introductory guide (September Update)

Odd Rogue is one of the most consistent archetypes within the Wild format. Since the release of Baku the Mooneater and Genn Greymane, the deck had a place in the Wild Meta.

Odd Rogue fills the role of one of the most consistent decks in the meta currently, having solid match ups across the board. It doesn’t offer swing turn such as Quest Mage or Jade Druid with Barnes does. The reason for the lack of swing turns is the lack of mana cheating.

The Scholomance Academy introduced a great new tool for the Odd Rogue archetype. Secret Passage was the card Odd Rogue didn’t even dare to dream of existing. It’s just fantastic. A card that allows you to draw five cards and play them with little to no downside is a great addition to the archetype. Secret Passage honestly is the single reason Odd Rogue is as powerful as it is in the current meta. 

The other new tool Odd Rogue gets access to is a new card in the three-mana slot, Vulpera Toxinblade. Vulpera allows you to make convenient trades in the early turns. Since Odd Rogue nearly always equips a weapon on turn one (through Tour Guide) or turn two through our regular hero power. 

Odd Rogue deck core

The deck core of Odd Rogue consists of 16 key cards. Unlike most other aggressive decks, there is much more freedom for tech options & different playstyles to fit the Odd Rogue archetype. Because of this, players can build this deck in several different ways, including minion-heavy builds, or more weapon-oriented alternatives. 

Most of the cards speak for themselves. The cards just make sense with our gameplan, and likely shouldn’t be replaced anytime soon. Whether a second Vilespine Slayer should be added to the core is debatable, but it’s certainly worth considering in metagames like the one we have now where decks like Big Shaman exist. 

Build options & tech cards

Odd Rogue has the highest number of flexible cards of any aggressive deck currently out there. All of the core spaces in Odd Rogue, the one, three, and five-mana slots are all up to your preference. However, here are some of our recommended cards for each of the deck slots. 

One-Mana in Odd Rogue. 

There are about a dozen different one-mana cards with merit to include in Odd Rogue. Currently, cards such as Buccaneer, Tour Guide, and Bloodsail Flybooter are the favorites. As such, these two we included in the current core of Odd Rogue. However, other tools such as Swashburgler, Fire Fly, Pharaoh Cat, and Dire Mole are worth considering. Another card worth considering is the new dual-class card, Wand Thief. 

Three-mana cards 

In the three-mana slot, several cards stand out above the rest. Hench-clan Thug is by far Rogue’s best three-mana option. However, other tools such as Southsea Captain, Vulpera Toxinblade, Evil Miscreant, and Edwin Van Cleef, and SI: Agent also are worth considering. If you face an unusual amount of other aggressive decks, a card that can shine is Magic Carpet. Magic Carpet is by far the best anti-aggressive tech the deck has access to. 

Once Cubelock picks up some popularity again, cards like Silence are also worth considering, in the past, our most common option for this was Ironbeak Owl. 

The five-mana slot 

The current five-mana options are a little more up for contention as it’s still early on in the new expansion. A combination of Loatheb and Leeroy Jenkins are most common for Odd Rogue. However, for the more weapon-oriented builds, cards such as Captain Greenskin and Doctor Krastinov are worth considering.

To close out the initial build options, an honorable mention to Corridor Creeper. The card still has the potential to make its way back into this archetype if it is right for him. For now, however, he remains creeping in the dungeon. 

Example decklists

Mulligan for Odd Rogue

The mulligan for Odd Rogue is quite simple and doesn’t leave much room for discussion. The majority of one-mana cards are worth keeping. However, be careful not to overload your hand with low-value resources. Try to keep in mind how your first few turns play out and which one-drops would provide the best result for this game plan. 

Other cards you can consider keeping are Southsea Captain if you already have access to several Pirates. Or, the best card in the deck, Hench-clan Thug, which you nearly always hold on to in your mulligan phase. Let us know how you would adjust your mulligan phase based on your preferred Odd Rogue deck. 

The general strategy of the deck

Odd Rogue perfectly fits the description of a tempo deck. A strong, consistent early game, with powerful mid-game options to close out the game. Odd Rogue’s strength lies in the turns one to five, after which the priority becomes to close out the game.

While the deck rarely achieves lethal on turn five, that is the time we aim to have a plan in place to win. Whether this is through our board of sizable minions with a card such as Fungalmancer or Faceless Corruptor, or us dealing a sizeable amount of damage through our weapons and minions in previous turns. 

Making the gameplan is one of the most important things to think about when playing Odd Rogue. 

Odd Rogue’s place in the meta

Odd Rogue’s place in the current Hearthstone meta is hard to decide. With the deck having to compete with its other tier-1 alternative, Kingsbane Rogue. Both versions of the aggressive Rogue archetype reach the top 10 legend spots on all servers consistently, so the archetype is definitely worth learning.

Odd Rogue’s alternative is Kingsbane Rogue. Kingsbane Rogue focuses more on defeating the control matchups in the meta. Because of this, if you are a Rogue fan, be sure to learn both decks always to have a strong option to counter the meta at your rank. 


The deck is quite simple first to learn and doesn’t have nearly as high a crafting cost as the other decks in the Wild format. We recommend it to new players looking to try out playing the Wild format in the Scholomance Academy expansion. 

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