How to get more rewards from Wilderness Flash Events

Runescape Wilderness Event Bonus Rewards

It’s been a minute since the initial release of Wilderness Flash Events, and people are eager to collect the elusive Dark Onyx Core. As most players can only participate in a few of the daily events, there are some tricks to collect multiple rewards worth trying. It is (technically) possible to collect multiple reward bags from each of the three special Wilderness Flash Events, with the most difficult one being the one from the Evil Bloodwood Tree event. 

Double reward strategy

Obtaining multiple rewards from the special Wilderness Flash Events is quite simple in theory, but there are several advanced strategies people try to get a third reward bag during the Infernal Star and King Black Dragon events. To get a chance at multiple rewards from the events, simply switch to a different world after completing the final portion of the event. The most common worlds to switch to are the Legacy Combat worlds, 18, 115, and 137. Due to the lower damage output of the Legacy Combat mode, these events often take much longer than regular worlds, allowing players to easily reach the damage thresholds on one or more additional worlds. 

The Evil Bloodwood Tree event is the most difficult to complete for additional rewards due to the thirty-second timer after the event’s completion. 

Triple Reward strategy for Wilderness Flash Events

For the Infernal Star and King Black Dragon special events, players can group with their friends to “stall” specific worlds with additional accounts. The strategy is becoming more popular throughout the ironman community due to the absurd rarity of the Dark Onyx Core. The simple explanation is that players use their additional accounts to increase the duration of events and then leave the area to lower the number of resources required to complete the event after the group switches to the stalled world after the second reward bag. 

Wilderness Flash Event Special Timer

Since it can be difficult to keep track of when the special events take place, the runewiki team has made a page that keeps track of the Wilderness Flash Event’s 13-hour cycle, which you can find here.

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