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What you need to know about Battlegrounds’ Galakrond

What you need to know about Battlegrounds Galakrond

At Patch 20.8, Galakrond returns with a big change to his ability, Galakrond’s Greed. Instead of the original hero power, which upgraded units to a random one from a higher tier, you now get to discover what the unit becomes. The new Galakrond’s Greed allows Galakrond first access to the most powerful units before anyone else. 

While Galakrond’s Greed does require a gold investment each turn, the improved chance of finding the right high Tavern-Tier units makes up for that, and then some. A question one may wonder is, “which are the best units to choose?”

The Basics of Galakrond & Galakrond’s Greed

You would want to pick a card that carries you through the late-game stage. There are several of both Tavern-Tier five and six you are happy to find when discovering your units. For example, from Tavern-Tier six, the best units include Kalecgos, Dread Admiral Eliza, Lil’Rag, Lieutenant Garr, and Captain Flat Tusk. 

However, immediate strong tempo and strength such as Imp Mama, Ghastcoiler, and Tide Razor are worth considering if you find yourself falling behind too quickly. Since Galakrond can’t reroll for most of the game, and you have to invest a gold each turn into Galakrond’s Greed, it’s only natural you fall behind. That is what makes the decision of Tempo or Scaling difficult. Use your judgment to figure out how well you do, compared to your upcoming opponent(s). 

The other option is to choose a Tavern-Tier five unit instead of waiting for one more turn. The best scaling Tavern-Tier five units include Brann Bronzebeard, Cap’n Hoggarr, Lightfang Enforcer, Mama Bear, Mythrax the Unraveler, and Nomi Kitchen Nightmare. On occasion, you might even have to choose a tempo Tavern-Tier five instead, of which the best options are Bristleback Knight, Ironhide Direhorn, Sneed’s Old Shredder, Seabreaker Goliath, and Voidlord. Choosing tempo on your first Galakrond’s Greed unit is less than ideal and shouldn’t be your first choice. 

In the right situation, you can consider choosing to pick up certain Tavern-Tier four units early. Some examples include Bonker, Bigfernal, Champion of Y’Shaarj, Hexruin Marauder, and Qiraji Harbinger. If you need immediate tempo when choosing a Tier-four discover, the best options include Security Rover, Savannah Highmane, Herald of Flame, Ring Matron, and Bolvar, Fireblood. More commonly, you pick up units from Tavern-Tier four on your second or third picks from Galakrond’s Greed, depending on how your match progresses. 

Galakrond’s Game Plan

Galakrond is one of the most flexible heroes when it comes to which tribes are available in the Battlegrounds game. And with that, the “game plan” of Galakrond is similar for each Tribe. Find the late-game win condition ahead of everyone else for the tribes available in your lobby. 

That advantage comes with some drawbacks since just finding a win condition isn’t always enough to secure a top-four spot if the remainder of your Warband isn’t up to par. You need to find a way to stay relevant, even without the strength of Galakrond’s Greed.

Even if you find a strong win condition, such as Mythrax the Unrevelar or Captain Flat Tusk, Galakrond just can’t power-level, as some other heroes do. You are still weak until you take the time to ramp up the strength of your Warband. Make sure the rest of your Warband is strong enough, and do not take needless risks. You have your win condition now on top of a solid foundation. Survive, and make your win condition do the heavy lifting. 

If your win condition is Nomi, Kitchen Nightmare, or Lil’ Rag, you may want to stay behind on Tavern Tier two or three. The best elementals are Statis Elemental and Sellemental. If you can just keep finding those minions, you do not need to go into the higher tiers where the pool minion pool gets diluted further. If you stay on Tavern-Tier two, you can use Galakrond’s Green on any Tavern-Tier Two card to discover Statis Elemental or Crackling Cyclone.

Note about Darkmoon Prizes

The power of the Darkmoon Prizes helps Galakrond stay healthier in the early game. For example, Gacha Gift and Might of Stormwind can help you win or tie the next combat phase. Pocket Change also allows you to have two free uses of Galakrond’s Greed, or the extra gold can make it easier to upgrade to the next Tavern-Tier or even just to purchase an additional unit to strengthen your Warband. Unfortunately, Galakrond does not get any other significant synergy with the other prizes more than any other hero. Still, that does not mean Galakrond is a terrible hero when the Darkmoon Prizes are available, as Galakrond performs well with or without them. 

Galakrond’s Curves in Battlegrounds

Contrary to popular belief, following the Rafaam Curve with Galakrond isn’t the best way to use Galakrond’s Greed. By blindly following the Rafaam Curve to maximize Galakrond’s Greed, you end up losing out on turns you need to improve your board and upgrade on turns where it brings you no advantage. 

There are two main strategies I recommend you learn to play Galakrond in the 20.8 Battlegrounds meta. 

The Galakrond (Toki) Curve: 

The first curve comes from Infinite Toki’s curve, where you create a curve where you upgrade and create value of your hero power before other players. While you will take some damage, you can easily make a comeback with a powerful higher-tier minion. The first curve is best when you don’t get a turn one token-generator unit.

Turn One (3 Gold) – Buy Murloc Tidehunter, Alleycat, Sellemental, or any good Tavern-Tier one minion.
Turn Two (4 Gold) – Upgrade to Tavern-Tier Two.
Turn Three (5 Gold) – Buy a minion and use Galakrond’s Greed on any Tavern-Tier two unit. If you miss any Tavern-Two units in your first shop, it is possible to reroll once. Do not reroll if you find any Tavern-Tier two unit in your first shop, as missing one in your second shop is disastrous. Then, freeze your shop.

Turn Four (6 Gold) – Upgrade to Tavern-Tier Three. And use Galakrond’s Greed on the Tavern-Three unit you discovered the last turn. Now, freeze your board once more.

Five (7 Gold) – Use Galakrond’s Greed on the Tavern-Four unit you froze the last turn. Now, you get the chance to Discover a Tavern-Tier five unit. If you can choose a Tavern-Tier Five unit, you are happy with, purchase it and buy another unit to go alongside it. If you aren’t happy with your choices, buy two (other) units from your shop, and freeze the Tavern-Tier five. 

Turn Six (8 Gold) – Use Galakrond’s Greed on the Tavern-Tier five you saved from the previous round, and choose the strongest option from your Discover. Alongside it, pick up units to start improving your Warband. If you already purchased the Tavern-Tier five unit the previous round, use Galakrond’s Greed again on the best target, and purchase any minions that improve your win condition & Warband.

Now you have to decide if you first need to upgrade to Tavern-Tier four or if you are better off working towards your win condition. Keep yourself alive with strong minions as you work towards your win condition.

The Galakrond (Pocky) Token Curve

This curve was made famous by the Battlegrounds player Pocky. The curve utilizes a token start by using your hero power as much as possible to get an early high-tier minion as soon as possible. While you may take a lot of damage as a consequence, you no longer have to worry about finding an end-game plan. 

Turn One (3 Gold) – Buy Murloc Tidehunter, Alleycat, Sellemental. Sell one token and use Galakrond’s Greed on any remaining Tavern-Tier one unit. Make sure to freeze the unit you upgrade from here on out.
Turn Two (4 Gold) – Upgrade to Tavern-Tier Two, then sell your other minion. Use your remaining gold to use Galakrond’s Greed on the Tavern-Tier two unit from the previous round, and freeze it again.
Turn Three (5 Gold) – Buy one minion, and use Galakrond’s Greed on the Tavern-Tier three from the previous round, which we freeze once more.
Turn Four (6 Gold) – Use Galakrond’s Greed on your Tavern-Tier four unit, and purchase it if it is something that benefits you enough. If not, pick up any other unit and freeze your Tavern-Tier five unit for the next round. 

Turn Five (7 Gold) – Use Galakrond’s Greed on the previous round’s unit and discover a strong Tavern-Tier six unit. Consider here if you have the time and health to choose long-scaling units like Lil’Rag if you have the choice to pick one. You likely lost most, if not all, the rounds until now, so think about how many more rounds you can afford to lose. Alongside the Tavern-Tier six, you have three more gold to pick up the strongest remaining unit. 

If you purchased the Tavern-Tier five already in the previous round, purchase a unit to improve your Warband and upgrade to Tavern-Tier three.

Start working towards your win condition by keeping yourself alive by replacing your weaker minions with better cards.

Closing Thoughts for Galakrond

In the right hands, Galakrond is a fearsome hero. However, most players’ problem is their lack of understanding of how to utilize Galakrond’s Greed the best. They often end up dying before using the win condition they find and think of the hero as weaker than it is. Remember, a single card cannot win you the game. Try your best to survive and slowly make your win condition ramp and scale your strength up. If you do have your win condition, think hard on how you can best use it. It may not be as clear as you feel it could be. 

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